Friday, May 7, 2010

Life's recent happenings

So first for a quick update! Dan is half way through the Spring semester and enjoying the slower pace. He had a lecture class that finished this week which was nice because if means 1 more credit closer to graduation. Work has been pretty slow lately for him, with Iron Man 2 just barely having come out,and with it being summer time and the college student population dwindled, it's made the second run movie theater very slow. He was very thoughtful for Mother's day this year! Hannah was sick that Sunday so he stayed home with her. He made me breakfast, put up curtains, and a magnetic knife holder while I went to sacrament meeting! He also bought me flowers, chocolates, and a glass measuring cup (I've always wanted one.) And to top all of that he made dinner and cleaned up the kitchen afterward! What really meant a lot to me what the effort and thought he put into the gifts that he got me! And not to mention he was a great sport helping me clean the house all day the Saturday before. I love you honey!

Well last week was a rough week for us. Hannah of course was sick the weekend of Mother's day and then baby Ryan was sick Sunday through Thursday with HFMD (hand foot mouth disease) which only infants and young children get. And guess what?! I actually caught it! It's very rare for an adult to catch it but I think being pregnant and then the fact that I hadn't been taking my prenatal vitamins due to having run out the them, it lowered my immune system. I have one thing to say, it really is NOT fun to get it as an adult!! The thing that was the hardest to deal with was the sores I got on my hands and feet (the sore throat and headache I was better at dealing with ) because walking and pretty much doing any thing with my hands was painful. It took about a full week for all the blisters to go away. Dan actually had a day where he had a massive headache for several hours and had to wear eye patches because the light hurt so much. To sum all of it up, it was not a fun week.
I am now 25 weeks along, June 1st I should start in to my third trimester. So far I've been lucky to only get one minor UTI. Yay! And the doctor's said to keep an eye out for blood or if the contractions are regular for an hour or more. So far they are just uncomfortable but do not last very long. I believe I may be slightly anemic and they said that is part of the glucose test that I will be taking in about 3 weeks. So we will see if I will have to add iron supplements to my list of pills to take each day! I know I should stop expecting something to happen and I'm sure once I reach 33 weeks without any complications I will be able to start relaxing.
I'll be done watching baby Ryan towards the middle of June. And then I have a lot of stuff I need to do to prepare for this baby. So far all I've done is go through what stuff I do have and make a mental list of a the items I will need to get. Anyways, I am getting to itch to start nesting so that will be the first thing on my list.........that and lots of sleeping!

Hannah has been extra clingy lately. I believe she may feel that things are changing or something. Talking to other moms their toddlers became increasing clingy as their belly grew, so I think that might be part of it. She is always asking for me to hold her, and is constantly following me around wanting my undivided attention. Nursery has become quite the ordeal if she sees me leave. So Daniel has to be the one to be the one to drop her off. She still continues to grow with her vocabulary and has started to put words together to form sentences. She loves her toddler bed. We ended up with a toddler bed because it was something that would fit in the car (there was no way we were going to get a twin sized bed into that car.) We have two neighbor's who both have little girl's who are 2 yrs. and Hannah LOVES playing with them. It's fun to see how social she desires to be. She'll get so excited when she sees them and will keep saying 'Ruby' and 'Hannah.' It's amazing how social that she wants to be even at this young age. She's been getting better with the concept of sharing! It most certainly has helped having Ryan around and playing with other kids. She has also started to empathize. When she hears another child or baby cry, she says sad and makes the sign for sad. It amazing how fast they learn!!!!

25 weeks!!!!

We went to feed the ducks at the small park that's south of campus.

Chasing ducks! She was really enjoying seeing the ducks.

Both Hannahs' looking at a Roley Poley.

Hannah and Kody another neighbor, riding on a long board.

Watering our plants. Daniel made her this hat and told her everytime she waters the plants she should wear her hat. Now when I open the door I hear 'hat''water''plants.'

Here's Hannah modeling a chair that Dan found dumpster diving at the end of the semester. After cleaning it it looks just like new! We called the company to see how much it would cost to get the replacement part that was broken and they sent it to us for free! So we have an awesome new computer chair!