Thursday, March 22, 2012

Valentine's 2012

For Valentine's this year we had a blast! I made a special dinner of a garden salad w/ homemade oragne vinegarette, stuffed baby portabella mushrooms, french dip sandwiches and ginger glazed carrots. Followed by a dessert of chocolate dipped strawberries and whipped cream. I think we all enjoyed it. One thing that would have made it better was feeding the kids first and putting them down for bed........something to keep in mind NEXT year! Hannah helped me to clean the china, stemware, and the flatware. She also had fun helping to set the table. She was pretty excited that we were using all these special dishes and I was excited to see her so excited :)

I did a 14 days of Valentine's for Dan, with valentine notes that had some treat attached. There was some corny ones but I think he looked forward every morning to see what I had left him.

Dan got me some red tulips and a pink t-shirt that said "My Husband Loves Me." It was a pretty fun gift :) He also surprised me a few mornings later with chocolates, some perfume (I use to wear this certain kind when we were dating that had a really neat cap on it and we both liked it, so it was fun he went out and searched for it ) and an invitation to a night out on the town. He came home early to pick me and the girl's up. We exchanged babysitting with Ben and Shalyse. After dropping the girls off, we went and had a delicious dinner at The Cheesecake Factory and afterwards when to a ballet. It was fun just being with him, especially when we got lost. We also weren't in love with the ballet we went and saw but it was a fun experience to have together and we look back with fond memories.

I thought I would throw a picture of the baby bump at the end because, it's one of the only one's I've had taken so far :) I'm about 16 weeks here.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Bella is 18 months

Bella turned 18 months last month. So far she has gone to nursery 3 times and the nursery leaders have been impressed with her. She walks in and begins to play and is happy and content all through nursery. I keep thinking she'll start crying at some point but so far she goes in and has a great time. She helps to put away toys at cleaning time and eats all her snack. Everyone is so much happier during 2nd and 3rd now! Bella is very sensitive and loves giving and receiving hugs. She is very calm and relaxed when she is on her own. When her and Hannah are together it kind of changes everything :) I love how she helps me to clean and is always eager to go down for a nap! She also loves putting on shoes and clothes. It's kind of ironic because Hannah is the complete opposite the less clothing she has to wear the better. Bella, is a very sweet little girl.

I've been having so much fun with her hair! I love doing her hair!

It took a while but Bella is finally coming in to her teeth. All four of her molars, five teeth on top and three teeth on the bottom are all making their way through her gums. She is pretty much going to double her teeth this month once they all finally come through :)

Bella doesn't say more than a handful or words but she is good at getting her point across. When she is hungry or thirsty she lets me know by bringing me a plate, bowl or cup.

I have these soft fuzzy socks that she loves to put on. I always crack up because they go clear up her legs :)

Being bashful!

We are pretty sure she has food allergies. She gets these hives all over her chest and stomach. She scratches and scratches at them. They keep her up some nights. This is a picture where it is just the shoulders and it is a little washed out but this was a rough day for us both.

I've been treating the hives with hydro-cortisone and then children's benedryl when it gets really bad. Does anyone have experience with this and have a tips to share? It's really rough when it wakes her up and night and then we spend hours between waking up and falling back asleep.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We got some new furniture!

So about the time we were going to close on the house a very kind sister who was in our Holly Springs ward, had just moved and was getting new furniture. The upside of this for us was, she was getting rid of her old items! It took about a month after we had moved in for them to be passed on to us, but the furniture was definitely worth the wait here's a few pictures:

We are using the armoire as a china hutch of sorts, I look forward to moving it to a more prominent place in the home. It is such a beautiful piece of furniture that draws attention.

This table has a leaf which pretty much doubles the size.

Dan is SO happy about this office desk. Now I just need to get him to organize the office :)

All of the furniture is VERY nice. We couldn't believe how kindhearted the family was who gave these items to us. These pieces of furniture are the nicest things we have ever owned and feel so richly blessed.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

20 weeks and counting

This week I hit the mid point in this pregnancy. Let me tell you a little about how the last 5 months have been. First month, didn't really know I was pregnant for sure but had my suspicions. After being told the previous month getting pregnant would become increasing difficult and to not get our hopes up, I was trying to follow that advice. When the test came back positive, I was very excited and wanted to share it with the world! A miracle had taken place for our family. The second month, was me trying to get use to the fact that, yes, there really was a baby growing inside of me. I was concerned because my nausea was mild this time. I was exhausted and wanted to sleep ALL the time. The third month, I spent looking in the mirror everyday telling Dan there was a baby bump, and Dan telling me there was not :) I also had some spotting and cramping, which turned out to only be a burst polypoid cyst. Fourth month, the nausea that I did have completely went away. I started to get worried that we would have another girl! I didn't know if I could add more sisterly drama to my day if it was. And then being worried if it was a boy, what would I do with a boy? I've never had a boy, and everyone says they are so different from girls. I was driving in a van recently with a sister in our ward who had two little boys. As we were driving, she pointed out all the trucks, cars and railroad tracks we went over. I had to laugh because when we go anywhere, I point out all the pretty flowers, dogs and other animals, and babies! It was a fun contrast :) The fifth month, we found out we were having a BOY!!! By this point, I was really hoping for a boy. Dan was pretty happy and couldn't stop smiling. I still can't believe it's a boy! The ultrasound also discovered I had an amniotic sheet or synechea. If anyone has heard of this or had one, please let me know! I would love to know more information. I wish I had had time to process it and then to ask questions. I am going in for another ultrasound in a few weeks just to make sure everything is OK and that the sheet has not attached to the baby. I feel so blessed as I feel every little movement, especially knowing there is a chance this could be the last. I try to ignore all the feelings of unease I have, chalking it up to pregnancy hormones. Let's hope that is all that is it. For now everything is going wonderfully, and I have not had any contractions! Please, pray that the rest of the pregnancy will go well and we can bring home a sweet healthy little boy when the time comes! Love you all!