Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dan turns 26

So my sweet and wonderful husband turned 26 last Sunday. I know, I'm a week late on making a posting. Sunday morning, I had planned to make him breakfast in bed but got sidetracked by a toddler wanting some snacks, a blow out and a feeding. We just barely made it to church on time to be there for the opening song. Church was great. Poor Dan, was tired as always from working until 3 am the previous morning. We came home and fell asleep until Dan went to do home teaching. He came back and we prepared dinner. I had planned a special meal and was hoping it would turn out. I had planned a grilled spicy steak with an avocado dip that had sour cream, dill, lime juice and jalapeno in it. Shrimp which we decided last min. to season with some dill, garlic, and lime juice. And then grilled pineapple, asparagus, and mashed potatoes. I choose steak that was too thin and ended up being overly salty and the shrimp had a very strong taste of dill, which was just a strange flavor. But overall, I think it's the thought that counts :)
For his birthday cake I choose to make a lemon-blueberry cake with a white chocolate, cream cheese icing. I thought it was pretty good but I don't think it was Dan's did all get eaten though! There was no presents because we are still waiting on the arrival of was on back order. So even though it was order over 2 weeks ago, it's still not here.
Monday night we went out to dinner at Red Lobster with some gift cards we had been saving just for this special occasion. It was delicious and very nice to not have to worry about making dinner and then not having to wash any dishes.
I will admit, I felt bad that I didn't have any surprises or anything extra special planned. He deserves it and I know that that always one of the best parts of my birthday is seeing what he will surprise me with. But I guess he is always better at planning surprises! Like a this wonderful gift he gave me early for Christmas......but that's a whole other story.
Happy Birthday to Dan!!! You are so wonderful and I am blessed to have you as my husband!

One month

So much to my amazement my sweet new baby is one month old today!!! WOW! Where did the last month of my life go? It must have gotten lost somewhere among the sleep deprived days and nights, catching up on that missed sleep when i can, trying to deal with daily temper tantrums from a toddler, keeping the house clean, trying to get the energy to make and eat meals, feeding a newborn, changing diapers and emptying out a potty, trying to find one on one time with Hannah, getting a routine down and trying to fit in some time for just Dan and I. It has been a wonderful month.
I am now adjusting to getting sleep in small increments and that has been a great blessing. Bella now spends 3-4 hours awake during the day. We've only had one or two bad nights and Bella isn't that fussy of a baby. So far what I can say is Bella is a very easy going baby!! This morning she had a huge blowout and I washed her with a quick rinse in the shower, and she didn't let out a peep! She was so great about it. She has been such a different baby from Hannah! We've also stopped calling Bella, Hannah and are starting to see her as her own person, not just a newborn. Her eyes are slowly turning blue, she has very long and light eyelashes (which tickle my arm when she blinks while nursing.) and lots of dark blond hair!!! She just barely grew into size 1 diapers and will soon be too big for newborn size clothing. Hannah didn't grow into 0-3 mon. clothing and size 1 diapers until she was a little over 3 months. Hannah didn't have a whole lot of hair.......Bella has tons! Hannah had ALOT of bad nights her first month and would cry alot........Bella hardly does. Hannah was very alert from the being, Bella has slowly started becoming more and more alert ( she has huge eyes when she's alert.) Anyways, as I was saying......very different babies. So here's a few recent photos!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Family Pics

So beautiful and wonderful Maren, took some amazing pictures of us as a family and I just wanted to share a few:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Isabella's Blessing Day

So first of all I owe a big THANK YOU to Julie Campbell and Beth Clayton!! Julie was so kind as to have taken pictures of the big day ( completely spaced it......I did the same thing on Hannah's blessing day............didn't get any pictures, except for the day after with her in her dress by then everyone had already left) And Beth for writing down the blessing for me on paper(with Hannah I didn't think about it until it was to late.)

It was a beautiful day! We went to sacrament meeting at 11:00 am. We were hoping to make it to Annabell's blessing but realized a day or two before that we would need to ask for permission from the Bishop to have the blessing in our home. Dan had started school that week and had been working double the day before so it just kind of fell through the cracks until last min. We came home and prepared to receive everyone. We cut up fruit and sliced rolls. It was wonderful having both mom's there to help get everything ready.....I was in a panic trying to get everything done. It didn't help that 20 min. before everyone was suppose to arrive we went to wake Hannah up from her nap to find she had gotten poop all over her room!!! Suffice to say we didn't start the blessing until 3:15 pm (instead of the 3:00 pm we had planned) because we were still busy preparing AND we were waiting on a Bishopric member. I way over estimated on food and under estimated on the number of people who would be there for the blessing (how you can overestimate on food and underestimate on people......only thing I can say is.....being sleep deprived does strange things to you plus I think I was still on painkillers:) It was so wonderful once everyone arrived to have so many family members and friends to help us celebrate this wonderful event in our home. We had both grandma's in attendance, the Meyer's, our neighbor Sho, My friend Kristi, our home teacher, two bishopric members, Uncle Keith and Aunt Connie, Cousin Mike and Beth, Cousin Julie and Joe, Cousin David and Heiwan(I'm not sure how to spell her name but it sure is a beautiful name) and Cousin Matt. Thank you all for sharing this special occasion with us!

A few main points from her blessing were:
- While opening the blessing he said "We bring this perfect baby before you." I really love this part because she is so perfect in every way.
- She was blessed that her mental faculties would be unimpeded and she would be blessed that she would be fast to learn.
- She would be sensitive to the spirit through out her life.
- She was blessed that she would be an influence for good and would have a strong desire to help others.
- She was blessed that she would meet a worthy young man and be sealed in the temple.
- She would always know that she was loved by her Heavenly Father and her family.
- And finally that she would be powerful in the gospel.

As I heard this blessing and every time since then that I read her baby blessing, it brings tears to my eyes. It brings tears to my eyes because I feel so honored that I was chosen to be this perfect little girls mother. The Lord trusts me SO much that he sent her into our family and that we will get to teach her and help her to fulfill her potential. I love her so very much. I would also like to share a little bit from another blessing I was given the night before I went into be induced. In the blessing I was told several times that I would have a clear and perfect memory of the birth of this child and that it would be a testimony to me throughout my whole life as a mother. I remember the spirit that was in that room as this little girl was brought into this world and the love that we all felt for her. I know that the Savior lives and loves us all so much. He has given us this beautiful plan where we can live and be together forever as families. I am so glad for this gospel, it is such a reassurance to me as a mother that my children will grow up to know who they are and where they came from.

Isabella Nicole Clayton, you are loved by so many. I hope you will always know how much you are truly loved. I will always love you with all that I have.

A last minute thought: I was thinking as I was ending this that I wished we had our own home in which we could bless all of our children in. Wouldn't it have been such a sweet memory to be able to look at our living room years from now and think back on the baby blessings that took place in that room. Then I realized, a home doesn't have to be a house that you own but a home is where ever you make it. Just because I won't be able to look at this living that we live in now, the memory of Bella's blessing day will not be any less sweet. I think it will be more sweet because of the sacrifices we are making by starting a family even though we don't own our own home or a have a new car and the many other things people think you have to have to start a family. I look forward to blessing more babies in our other 'homes' because it will be many babies down the road that we will own our home in which we live in. ;)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

2 weeks

Thursday morning was Isabella's 2 week well child check up. Her stats:

Height: 20 in. 45th percentile
Weight: 7 lbs. 7 oz 30th percentile (she had gained almost a whole pound from her birth weight which was 6 lbs. 8 oz. in just 2 weeks)
Head: 34.2 cm 25th percentile

She had to have the PKU test done. She cried and cried and then did some more crying during the whole process. We had and have never seen her cry that much. She was one angry baby! It's amazing to see how fast she is growing and changing. She is almost 3 weeks thing I know she will be two months!!!

She is an amazing eater!!! It amazes me how much she eats!!! She also has the occasional good night where she will sleep 6-7 hours. Last night she slept from 10 pm until 5 am. We are still getting use to having her share our room. She makes the funniest noises and it's hard to sleep through them. And Hannah is still enthralled, she does get the occasional jealous moment when I am feeding Bella and she needs something, but overall it is going pretty well.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

More random pictures

I love this picture because is shows her expression right after she uses her potty and says "I did it!!!"

Friday, September 10, 2010

Random pictures

Isabella's first bath!

The girl's in matching dresses I made.

Bella getting some sun.