Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April Update

I realized it's been over a month since I made a blog post and a lot has happened!  Dan has been hard at work in the neighborhood and our own garden.  Faith not only learned to stand but took her first steps!  We haven't caught her walking on video yet....soon we will. Bella started soccer!  I went as watched  the new 'Cinderella' with the girls in the movie theater.  It was a fun mom and daughter bonding time.  Dan ran in another race, this one was fun because they had family activities while the runners were running. And Easter has come and gone!

Neighborhood garden seeds.

Dan and Charlie taught a lesson for FHE together.  Dan was Goliath and Charlie was David :)/

Using a cookie to give Faith incentive to stand. 
Dan crossing the finishing line of his 10K.

Eating yogurt and showing off their awesome 'Frozen' face paint.

Watching Bella's soccer game.

All ready for church in their Easter Sunday best!

Easter bunny baskets.

We had an Easter egg hunt Sunday morning.

Dying eggs.

Family sidewalk chalk art!

Hannah's sidewalk art.  The 3 whites figures are Heavenly Father and his angels.

Our crazy Asparagus.