Monday, November 9, 2009

Pics of my sewing project

I am so happy to say that I was able to finish not only Hannah's dress but the under shorts as well! I am very happy with how my project turned out. I now have to decide rather to wait to finish my dress or wait until after we move, it would just take 3 days. I also would like to make a tie from the scrapes for Dan........he wasn't as enthusiastic as I would have liked but that's not going to stop me. So here's some pictures of the dress and just some other ones I took of Hannah.

I had to put up both videos! I hope you don't mind! You can just choose to watch one if you would like!

This picture would have turned out better if the glass had been more clean.

I had to put up a few pictures of the huge tie that we put on Hannah. They are not very flattering but still cute!

Friday, November 6, 2009


So last night I checked the mail box and was very excited to find a letter from Suncrest Apts.! They had an opening, so today we went and got the ball rolling with the manager! We can move in as soon as next Friday but will probably wait until December 1st, when hopefully someone can take over our contract. We've already had over 15 calls tonight, so hopefully someone will want the apartment! Cross you fingers for us!! We really can't believe how fast everything is moving along!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


So first I'll start off with Daniel, he's been SUPER busy lately and just today we decided he needed to cut back on hours at work so that his school work would not suffer. The good news is that we are first or second on the subsided housing list. We expect to be moving AGAIN in the near future! We are pretty excited because it will be a two bedroom and it will help with Daniel having to cut back on his hours. We are sad because we love this ward and have lots of dear friends. Dan is also preparing everything to start internship applications. We're going to get a suit, that he was given by his Aunt Victoria, tailored for the interviews that will hopefully soon follow completing the applications. We're hoping to land an internship in either Texas, Florida or maybe here in Salt Lake. We are so excited that next Spring he will finally graduate! Then off to law school!!! We're hoping to get into Duke, NC state or BYU...........but maybe somewhere else we haven't thought of yet. But we're excited that the end is definitely in sight, we just hope that we can make it!
Daniel and I also made a recent purchase..........a motorcycle. We were able to get an amazing deal because of the season and Dan plans to fix it up a little and then resell in the Spring, when motorcycles are more 'in'. We should make small a profit. He has been enjoying learning to ride it and many other things. He was pretty darn excited when we bought it.
Hannah is doing really well! She's doing great with sleeping 12-14 hrs. straight through the night, not that she hasn't been doing that for a while, it's just so nice especially lately since I've been so tired. She waves to almost everyone, it's pretty cute. We'll be out shopping and she'll just start waving! She loves to dance! At the ward Halloween party she spent a good portion of the night by the CD player and dancing. She's pretty much running now ( at least when she's barefoot) and it's pretty cute to see because she is still so tiny. We get such a kick out of it! Dan calls her 'our little terror' because she gets into EVERYTHING and zooms around the house! She's been learning to say new words, it's hard to understand what she's saying but I've gotten her to say 'woof' 'banana' and 'peaches'. For bananas we can get her to sign the 'food/eat' sign. She gets very excited when I mention bananas. We're also working on the 'more' sign, she mostly just claps but every once in a while she gets it right on! She eats standing up almost all the time now. I've been trying to get her to sit down and every once in a while I can get her to sit down for 5 min. I've stopped stressing out about it too much, I use to dread feeding time when it would be a battle and usually end with a crying baby and not much food having been eaten. But now I've become more patient and she eats plenty. At about 11 months, Hannah starting refusing to breastfeed and would only do the bottle we've gotten her down to only 2 bottles a day, just water now, but I'm trying to ween her from the just don't know how to get her to go down for a nap so easily. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears!! She now has 5 teeth, it's not that many but it doesn't matter as long as she has some, right?
I've been working on a sewing project and am done with Hannah's dress, now I just need to finish mine and then I can put up pictures. I might just put up a picture of Hannah's dress in the near future. I also just had a great idea for closet doors. I put up a big curtain rod and bought 2 sheets from D.I and took out the seam at the top and placed them on the curtain rod. It really is nice to have the closet closed off, and makes the room look more organized ( works great to for a little more peace of mind). I'm also going to one of my best friends weddings in 2 weeks! I'm excited to get to see all my friends again! I've been enjoying staying home, and not having so many stresses.........i don't know why I thought about going back to school. Luckily when I applied my application was denied. Was I sad? Not at all. It helped me to stop thinking about going back to school and to realize that I am already super busy with what I have, no need to add something else to the mix! I was doing interviews recently for part time jobs such as, a mother's helper and nanny, hoping to take some of the financial burden off Dan. He has been so stressed lately that I was becoming worried for him. But in the end those did not work out either. I'm still hoping there's something I'll be able to do, like maybe donate plasma or something to help bring in a little extra income. If anyone has any ideas for me on that one as well, I'm all ears!!! But all in all, even though we're poor and Dan and I rarely get to see each other, we are super blessed. I realize it every day when I look around our dinky apartment or see Hannah smile! And I know everything will work out some how!! Well, that's all I can think of right now!