Friday, August 12, 2011

Dan got a job!

About 2-3 weeks ago Dan got a call around 7:30 pm from a company called, Fidelity Investments (it's known as just Fidelity but around here there is also a bank called Fidelity so to differentiate I added the Investments at the end.) Fidelity is the worlds largest mutual fund and financial groups. If you have a 401K, there's a good chance it could be with Fidelity. Dan is starting at the bottom but there is lots of room for growth and they do exactly what he would like to do. For now he will be helping customers set up their 401Ks. The job isn't his ideal job but it's a good start. He will start training on August 22nd, and will be in training for 8 weeks. It's with a great company that has great benefits. I guess going from being a student and having a student job with very, very few benefits, it's amazing to see the benefits you can get with a real job. We were blown away! One that we are very excited about is they will help pay for educational costs. Dan plans to take advantage of this by possibly getting his MBA in a few years. We are very excited and Dan can not wait because he has been going a little crazy not working. It has been a wonderful summer just to be lazy and relax. We are greatly going to miss having him around when he starts work.

We are also looking at houses. We probably won't buy anything immediately. We are hoping to take our time and find the right house and save up a good down payment. Though if our dream house went back on the market we would do everything in our power to make it happen as soon as possible. In the mean time we are enjoying our time with Dan's parents. They have been so wonderful and supportive. We are so very lucky to have them and to know there's no pressure to leave until we are ready. They have been so great to us. We are truly BLESSED!