Friday, July 31, 2009

Breaking news!

Dan just barely transferred this last Winter semester and has been trying to get into the business program here at BYU. Winter semester was spent finishing G.E.s and keeping his GPA up. Spring semester he spent retaking classes to get all A's for a better chance of getting accepted. At the end of Spring semester he applied and much to our disappointment was not accepted. We had no idea why, so Daniel went and spoke to an adviser and it turned out they had made a mistake while calculating his GPA. So, they put us on the waiting list........pretty far down the list since he was one of the later ones to be put on the waiting list due to the mishaps. Then today we got a call and he was accepted!!! It was a miracle. Out of 400 applications they accept only about 60% and then there's the waiting list(which we have no idea how long that is!). I am so proud of him! We went out and got ice cream to celebrate!!! This has been a pretty happy day indeed!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Family fun!

My family came to visit us for a week! We went to Seven peaks on Thursday, the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake city and then stayed the night to do Temple square. Hannah and I had a rough night so we didn't get to do Temple square(we did the zoo and temple square friday and saturday and then spent Sunday swimming and watching a movie). We then went to Thanksgiving point and enjoyed their gardens. We spent the day driving in our go-cart and seeing the gorgeous garden
(we did Thanksgiving point Monday).
My mom bought Hannah this adorable ballerina dress that we went to get pictures of at Portrait Innovations because of the great deal you can get( thanks to Shalyse for telling me about this great deal.) And then they watched Hannah for us on our Anniversary while we went to dinner and a movie! It was a blast!

I love this picture because you can see the beautiful dress grandma got for her.

Our favorite picture we had taken.

Grandma holding Hannah.

Carly and me on the beautiful bridge.

Beautiful view of the gardens.

Joel and me posing like Greek statues under the pillars.

We rented a go-cart to tour the gardens. It was totally worth it!

Beautiful fountain in the gardens.

Hannah with the balloon a lady gave her. The lady was said she was so cute she deserved a balloon.

Hannah's hand reaching into the bears mouth.

Hannah playing with the iron ducks. She even tried eating this one.

In front of the world's smallest 'waterfall'

Grandma and Hannah playing in the shallow water at the gardens

Hannah crawling on the cool brown and blue zebra stripped carpet.

I had to put this toilet from the hotel up...... Can you find the handle?

My family in front of the giraffes

Hannah and Mama

Hannah and Carly

Here we all are standing by the elephant.

Carly and me

The Pool at the hotel.

Playing by Noah's ark

Hannah playing with her balloon.

2 year of marriage over view

And I turned 21!

We moved to Provo, UT and were able to spend time with Ben and Shalyse.

Hannah had her first Easter!

We spent Christmas with Daniel's family for the first since we had been married.

We became parents for the first time!

Dan turned 24!

2 years of marriage

For our two year anniversary we went to Red Lobster, with 2 gift cards we got from saving points we earned on our credit card. It was so much fun because we were able to a get a huge virgin Bahama mama. AND a picture with the biggest live lobster they had. It was fun that the manager herself brought it out. We both got some delicious steaks with some sea food mixed in.
We then went and walked around the mall while we waited for Transformers 2 to start. We were able to get 2 free passes from Daniel's work. It was fun being young and enjoying ourselves.

My family had come to visit for the week so they watched Hannah for us! it was pretty awesome! Thank you Mom, Carly and Joel...........we couldn't have done with out you. Especially for the gift you gave us!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A mother's worst fear

We all know that there are things we fear as parents. But being the mom you tend to spend more time with your baby just because you're home during the day which leaves you with a sense of more responsibility when it comes to your little one. Well the other day I did something that I was afraid I would do. I locked myself out of the apartment with Hannah still in it.......with no keys and not knowing who would have the key to open the door. You see, I was doing laundry which is just down the hall. Our door is one of those doors where when it's locked from the inside the doorknob still it never crosses your mind is it unlocked or not. I was able to keep myself from panicking..........I was worried because I had no idea who our new managers were (the previous ones had just moved last week) . I did the only thing I knew......I went and knocked on different neighbor's doors just hoping one of the would be the new manager or would know who the new mangers were. And much to my great relief the first door I knocked at happened to know who the new managers were. We knocked on the managers door but no one answered. I have such great neighbors that he offered to help me and was able to get threw our bedroom window, which took about 30 min. due to the fact we live in basement. I was glad to find Hannah had not gotten into anything dangerous and had not even noticed I was gone! But overall it did not help my stress level!

To end on a happy note, we're working on solutions just in case something like this happens again! Which I hope it will not!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Growth from birth

6 months

Weight:14 lbs. 9.5 oz. 25%
Height: 24 in. 5%
Head cir.: 42.3 cm. 47 %

3 months

Weight:12 lbs. 8 oz. 30%
Height: 23.5 in. 30 %
Head cir.: 40.8 cm 45%

2 months

Weight: 9 lbs. 7 oz. 20 %
Height: 22 in. 34 %
Head cir.: 38.1 cm. 32%

2 weeks

Weight:6 lbs. 2 oz. 6%
Height: 19.5 in 21 %
Head cir.: 33.8 cm 6 %

4 days

Weight: 5 lbs. 8 oz. 3%
Height: 18.7 in. 14 %
Head cir.:32.3 cm 3%


Weight: 5 lbs. 14 oz. 0%
Height: 18 in. 10%
Head Cir.:30.5 cm 5%

9 Months

Hannah's measurements are:

Weight: 17 lbs. 7 oz. 45%
Height: 26.5 in. 20%
Head cir.: 44.1 cm. 50 %

Matt said she was doing great with milestones and that she is a head.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

While I was loading pictures I also decided to give Hannah's birth story, for those who haven't heard it yet. Her birth story actually starts at about 31 weeks. At about 31 weeks, I hadn't been feeling well and was in bed for most of the day. I had a hard time breathing and felt slight cramping along with sharp pain under my right rib cage. We were going to go out to celebrate Dan getting his new job at Wells Fargo, which he had just come back from an interview and they had called saying he got the job. I was getting ready when I decided the breathing was getting harder. Daniel called the doctor's office(even though it was after hours) and they said to go to the hospital because I could have a blood clot in my lung which could cause some serious problems. I went in and was hooked up to the monitors just to check on the baby and was having irritable contractions. The doctor decided to check me and found that I was effaced to 80% and was 3 cm dilated. I was given a some medicine to stop the contractions and a shot for the babies lungs(just in case). I was taken down to get an x-ray of my lungs(which I was worried about because i was pregnant). The x-rays came back fine so the doctor decided it could be appendicitis because of the side pain but but it is hard to diagnose when pregnant. Meanwhile, I started having regular contractions and lost my mucus plug. The doctor then decided to move me to a bigger hospital because I wasn't far enough along for them to be able to take care of my baby. I had the choice to have her there and they would stabilize her then move her OR they could move us both before I gave birth. We opted to be moved before hand so i could be closer to her. An ambulance came to pick me up.......I had to get on a stretcher while in labor(not that fun). When they moved me,I was 100% effaced and 4 cm dilated. The contractions became faster and stronger. I arrived at the other hospital and they had the NICU doctor come and explain what would happen and how we would be updated and such. But luckily with in 3 hours of arriving at the hospital, they were able to stop the labor. I was there for almost a week, when they decided I could go home. I was on strict bed rest until 36 weeks. At 39 weeks I went in for an appt. and they found out I was dilated to 5 cm and my blood pressure was elevated so they decided to induce me with in the hour. I went and picked up Dan from work and we headed over to the hospital. We got there at 1 pm, the doctor broke my water and decided to wait on the pitocin and give me magnesium sulfate to lower my blood pressure. The contractions began after he broke my water and about 3:30 I was very tired from mag. sulfate so I asked for the epidural so I could get some sleep. They had to do some tests and put in a cathidure before hand. Well I felt the urge to go to the bathroom so I went and on the way back to the bed I was in so much pain it was hard to walk to the bed. The pain started getting worse and I began screaming. It was 4:00 by this time. The nurse came in and found I was dilated and called for the doctor. The anesthesiologist, came and gave me a small dose of pain killer into my spine , in which time the doctor appeared. He told me to push 3 times and out popped Hannah at 4:20 pm. It was quite the experience. I had to get two stitches. So that's my story!!
This was the first time she really had her eyes open besides right after she was born.
Here's us as a family after being moved to the recovery room.

Here's Hannah after she's was just wiped off. You can tell she's a new born because some of the white stuff is still on her.

Hannah and me right after they handed her to me.

Matching hospital bracelets.

Me waiting to give birth. I think this was before the contractions started getting to bad.

I decided to add a couple of pics of Hannah as a baby. Ones that I haven't put anywhere else.

First Posting

So, here begins our blog. I'll try to keep things updated and have some fun stories. So here's what we're up to. We're living in Provo, UT, while Daniel is finishing his BS in Business. We'll be done Hopefully next December and then on to either law school or graduate school. If Dan has his way......we'll be doing both at the same time. We're not sure yet where we'll be going when it comes to advancing his BS with a law degree or Master's. And Dan is working at Movies 8 as a projectionist.
I'm at home with Hannah. She's my full time job! We go for walks, go to the library, clean the house, cook meals, wash endless piles of laundry, I'm working on getting an exercise routine down, and many more things........there's always lots to be done. It's amazing how fast a day goes when you're taking care of a baby! We'll soon be celebrating our 2 year anniversary!
Hannah is 9 months and is SO close to walking. She loves to explore our apartment. The kitchen and bathroom are her favorite rooms. She loves eating food and always has a smile or giggle for us. She just learned to wave and we're sure having a lot of fun with her new skill. She also enjoys meeting new people and doesn't seem shy!