Friday, October 29, 2010

Hannah finding her voice

So the last 2 weeks she has just taken off with talking. I am amazed on what she says. I mean she just barely turned two..... So here is a few things she's said recently:

"Come on, Bella. Let's go see grandma."
"Don't call me Booboo bear - Hannah."
"I'm fine, thank you."
"Cut my hair?"
When my mom was in town we took a visit to the Quilted Bear and hannah grabbed her own basket and went shopping (so cute to see what she found interesting) and when it was time to go my mom picked her up and was expecting Hannah to throw a tantrum instead she said, "No, wait. I want this." And choose this dollar toy.

i just can't believe she is so good at expressing herself. I'm sure I'll think of more things she said. Man, so I love this little girl!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hannah's Halloween Birthday Bash

(Mom's I only put up a few of your children but have lots more so let
me know through e-mail or by calling me if you would like them)

So when I first started planning for Hannah's birthday party, I had this general idea. I didn't know how much work and how far in advance I would start preparing. I only broke down twice on Friday night and with a phone call to my sweet husband, he was able to calm me down. What would I have done without him that night. It made me realize that I can't do things like this on a small scale, I want everything to be 'perfect.' ( I had planned to put faces on the orange balloons to make them into pumpkins, faces on the white to make ghosts and wings on the black to make bats but didn't have the time. This was one of the reasons i was so sad luckily I was able to think of something else that looked just as good and was a lot less work.) Don't get me wrong all the work was totally worth it, just to see Hannah's face during different parts of the party.
It was so fun seeing everyone arrive in their costumes! There was about 9-10 kids and about the same with the adults, so we had a little over 20 people come! We had a yummy lunch which thanks to my friend Kristi, I was able to get at Costco for a great price! Then we started the fun activities. I had originally planned to have the party outside but of course as fate would have it, it was a very cold, rainy and windy day. So I broke the kids into two groups and had one paint pumpkins while the other made spider suckers. Then the groups switched. After the crafts, we did the pinata!!! Dan and I had started on it 4 days before just in case something went wrong and would have to redo it. It was SO much fun to make and the kids seemed to all love hitting it. After all the kids were able to fill their bags full of dollar store party favors and snack from Costco we did the cake! I think the most stressful part of the preparation was getting the cake and the cupcakes ready in time. I started about 7 pm Friday night and had to make 3 different batches of cake batter. I was exhausted by 9 and decided to decorate them Saturday morning. I would have done just the cake but after thinking about it I knew it would be easier for the kids to eat cupcakes and wanted Hannah to have a birthday cake because I didn't make one on her birthday.
Hannah loved the lit candles! She kept trying to blow through her teeth and after some amount of effort was able to get both of them blown out. She also loved having everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to her and of course all the presents!!! After everything was all over with I heaved a great big sigh of relief and cleaned the house! Would I do it all over again? Most definitely!

2 months

Surprise to me! My 'newborn' is now 2 months, making her not a newborn. Holy cow, can she already be 2 months?! She is such a happy baby! She loves to talk to people and if you're lucky you will get that adorable smile! Her eyes become bluer everyday, they should be as beautiful as Hannah's. Her hair is also growing in very blond. She is a very good sleeper! She averages 8-10 hours a night! At about 6 weeks she would sleep 6-7 hours. At 7 weeks 7-8 hours. And then 8 weeks she started doing 9 hours. Occasionally she will sleep one hour more or less than the 9, but for the last 2 weeks she's been doing 9! I am still learning about being a mother. You would think that if you've had one child you would know it all........that is definitely not the case! I love being a mother.

Here are her 2 month stats:

Height: 22 in. 50%
Weight: 11 lbs. 4 oz 60%
Head: 37.5 cm 25% (small head :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2 year appointment

Here are Hannah's two year stats:
Weight: 23 lbs 6 oz 10% (with clothes on)
Height: 33 1/4 in 50%
Head: 47.6 cm 40%

Matt was so good with her, even though she was very shy! She was given her flu shot and prevnar vaccines. I definitely felt worse this time seeing her get shots. I was so glad that Dan was the one who held down her arms.......I don't think I could have done it. After getting to choose a pretty ring, she felt a lot better. Her emotions are all over the place and any little thing sends her into tears but besides that she has taken it pretty well. And keeps pointing to her bandaids and saying how lucky she is to have two barbie bandaids :) ( This is mostly for my records, i find that the blog is the only way I can keep any sort of journal, I just don't have time or energy to write in my actual journal)

Hannah has grown so much in that last year! She speaks in sentences now! We can understand her about 90% of the time that other 10 % we look at each other and ask if the other one can understand what she says. I've noticed she can be very shy in new situations but in familiar situations she is very out the point where she can become bossy. She can be very territorial when it comes to toys and will tell her friends what to do. She will make a good big sister, she already has the being bossy part down! She usually says thank you when I give her something and will say please if you just look at her when she tells you what she wants. Naptime has become a struggle, she will play in her room for about and hour before she will go down.......which is only about 50% of the time lately. When she doesn't get her nap she goes to bed early and then will sleep in.
She is almost completely potty trained(after Bella was born I went slack but started it up again) She went a whole week during naptime without any accidents until yesterday. And we've done one outing so far with underwear. She even spent all day yesterday in underwear and didn't have an accident until during her nap. So we have a new goal!!! My goal is to have her completely potty trained(except for nighttime that I'm going to give her 6 months) by the end of this year.........we will see how that goes, I've set a goal like this before :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hannah's 2nd Birthday

It was a fun day for Hannah (at least I hope so)! She slept in until 9:30 (this never happens, but was a very nice birthday gift for mommy :) and then we made pancakes in the shape on the number 2 with some smoothies. After breakfast we gave her her birthday present, which was a bike and helmet. We looked at getting her a tricycle but after comparing the prices an actual bike was only $15 a bike it was!!! It will be good because it also a big part of her Christmas and she can ride it up until at least age 4-5 and then Bella will be old enough for a bike! SO perfect!
Dan had to go to school but had about 30 min. to spend with Hannah on the bike. Hannah was pretty nervous the whole time and tried getting off at one point and it fell over with her on it. She has warmed up to it by now and loving it! It was really cute because when she saw other kids riding bikes today, she said "Look, kids riding birthday bikes!!! That's so lucky!!" in a very excited voice. It was super cute.
The rest of day was ordinary besides the fact she has had several accidents today. She fell head first out of her kitchen chair, has fallen off the bike twice and peed on the kitchen floor which was followed by slipping in it and getting a bruised cheek. She's had lot of reasons to keep asking for 'boo boo ice."
Dinner I made her favorite.........Mac n cheese. I added some cooked chicken and steamed broccoli. And then was followed by singing Happy birthday and her eating a tiny chocolate tart that she picked out at the grocery store. I'm saving the cake for her birthday party which is next Saturday. We also went to Cornbelly's Maize at Thanksgiving Point on Tuesday evening. It was more of our late FHE activity for the week then her birthday but we decided to count that as part of it because Dan had work that night. We had planned to go see Toy Story 3 at Dan's work but they were selling out for the night hours in maybe some other time.

Two years ago on October 14th

Maybe because Bella's birth is still so fresh in my mind that I couldn't help thinking of the day Hannah was born. It started out like any other Tuesday except I had a doctors appointment that morning. I got up, got ready for the day and then had some honey bunches of oats for breakfast. I was excited because I had been having contractions for several hours 2 days prior. I went in and waited for my name to be called. I remember when they weighed me, I was so happy because I had finally gain 25 lbs. exactly. The nurse took my blood pressure and discovered is was very high. It had been slowly getting higher and higher the last 2 appointments. The doctor came in and checked me to find I was dilated to 5 cm, I remember thinking WOW! And the surprise in the doctor's voice. He said they would keep me for a while and have me rest and check my blood pressure every 15 min. to see if it would go down and scheduled an induction for the next morning. 45 min later after a few tests, my blood pressure not going down, and having a talk with the other office doctor who was the one on call at labor and delivery he told me to go and pick up my husband(Dan was at work, he had just landed the job as a teller at Wells Fargo) and head straight over to the hospital. I remember calling Dan and in a very excited voice asking him if he was ready to have a baby and him asking if it was really time, followed by me telling him about the doctors visit.
We arrived and got checked in a little after 1 pm. After seeing that my blood pressure had spiked even more and was at a very dangerous level, he put me on magnesium sulfate to bring it down. He broke my water and said after my blood pressure came down a little they would start the pitcon. Well about 2 hours later the contractions were not consistent but were getting uncomfortable so i decided to ask for an epidural. They said a test was needed to see how fast i would bleed( because of the high blood pressure) would be needed before they could give me the epidural and then they would start the pitcon. The nurse said to empty my bladder after they did the tests because the anesthesiologist would be in shortly after. Well, making it back to that bed was the hardest thing I had to do! The contractions all of a sudden were right on top of each other and Dan had to practically drag me to the bed. I started to scream, i was in so much pain. The nurse came in to find the baby was right there and I was 9 1/2 cm and they were NOT ready yet. From that point all I remember was the excruciating pain and her telling me to breath, followed by 'don't push, don't push' and me thinking IS SHE SERIOUS! Then a man showed up and had some conversation with Dan which was followed by a sting on my back and then all the pain going away. And then finally the doctor showing up in his gym clothes and telling me to finally push. He used the vacuum to help ease her way into the world. Then out came this baby covered completely in white goo............there was no tears or laughter, just complete silence. Dan and I were both in shock and awe that I had just given birth to our first child just 3 hours after being at the hospital......nothing could have prepared us for that moment. We fell in love instantly. Even two years later that love has not wavered it's just gotten stronger because now we know that little one inside and out.