Wednesday, December 7, 2011


- Family Pictures

- A Little Catch Up

- We Bought A House

Family Pictures

Ben, Dan's brother was so kind as to take pictures for our family. I thought he did an amazing job!!! You should be getting one of these with our family Christmas letter!

A little catch up!

So due to some problem with our camera I missed some important events that happened in the last few months. Dan turned 27! We did a double birthday party with our nephew, Peter. It was lots of fun and I think Dan really enjoyed his birthday. And another event was that Hannah turned 3! We did get pictures thanks to grandpa, I just need to get the pictures from him. She really enjoyed her birthday, as you could guess any three year old would! And Grandpa also has some pictures from Halloween which I will try and get as well. Halloween was a especially exciting because that was the day we found out our offer was accepted on the house we now getting ready to close on!

Another things that happened in October was, I found out my egg supply is diminishing and that I will go into menopause early. If you would like to here the whole story you are free to call or e-mail me. But what the Dr. said was that it would be hard for us to have more kids and that we are so lucky we started so early having our family, otherwise we probably wouldn't have gotten to have a family. We were so excited when we proved them wrong by getting pregnant just weeks after finding out the news. That's right!!! Baby # 3 is on the way. Baby should be due towards the end of July. I go in next week for my first prenatal check up. It's exciting how quickly life is changing and how all the dreams we've had the last several years are coming true!! We feel so so blessed and know the Lord's hand is in our lives.

We received and early Christmas present from my mom of a camera, so I can hopefully start updating more often!

We bought a house

..........or at least ALMOST! We close on our house on Dec. 15th. That's in just 8 days. After months of searching and having made another offer that fell through, we finally found a house! When we saw it for the first time, we knew right away that we wanted to make an offer on it. It has 3 bedrooms, a bonus room, and an office, plenty of growing room. We will also be in Ben and Shalyses' ward! If you are interested in know more about the house here's some info.: