Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sushi night and some shooting

So for the last couple of months I've had the endless craving for sushi. But as you know it is not cheap. Which led me to the idea to MAKE some!!! It was surprisingly easy and fun to make! Not to mention delicious to eat!!!

We did the easiest, the California roll. Cucumber, avocado,
and crab. Next time we are thinking about trying to be a little
more adventurous

Getting ready to wrap make the California roll. We couldn't
find a bamboo mat so just used the kitchen drawer and cupboard
lining stuff. I was surprised by how shiny and dry that the
seaweed wrap(called nori)was.

Right before wrapping it up.

We had enough to make 5 rolls.

My happy husband. He was the one to actually
introduce sushi to me on one of our first dates.
It has become one of our favorites.

Monday morning we went shooting as a family. Dan has been wanting for go for quite a while but we just haven't had the time. It was a blast! We kept Hannah in the car and at a safe distance, she did get to 'shoot' a gun with Daddy's help. We were wondering if she would be frightened but she did just fine and even asked to shoot by saying, "I shoot." And was very excited afterward and kept saying, "I shooting." She also would say, "Mommy shooting" and "Daddy shooting." We were amazed at her comprehension. I think it has helped that Dan has started explaining at this young of an age how important it is that she not touch the guns or equipment with out help. She is curious but since she was born we have taken many precautions to teach her about handling guns (or more the lack of handling) and to keep them well out of reach with safety locks.

And I hope you don't mind but I have just a few pictures of Hannah (of course.) What is so funny about these is that I came into the bathroom to find her with my curling iron, the headband I use to push back my bangs when I was my face and some of my face wash. She had little white streak that I wiped off but besides that this is pretty much how I found her...........they really do watch everything you do!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My 'new' kitchen!!!

My mom and sister came to visit Memorial weekend and while they were down here, I asked my mom for some decorating tips. Her house is always amazing ;) And she gave me the idea to use fabric as a 'wall paper.' Which is great because it's cheaper, you can use the fabric for other things (like the curtains), it's very easy to put on AND remove, and can be reused! You just use a cornstarch mixture. I was able to make some curtains and a table cloth(the curtains and table cloth are the same fabric.) The curtains i was able to design myself and was very pleased. The whole project took about 5 hours total. I have a few minor tweaks to make but knew if I didn't get the pictures up soon I would forget or wouldn't find the time. But anyways here it is!

These were the only before pics I had......not very good but you can see a big difference!

I had to put up these pictures of Hannah. I got a pretty good laugh when I saw this. Potty training is going great. She is starting to tell us about a 1/3 of the time that she has to go. Another 1/3 she will tell us AS she is going. And the last 1/3 are accidents(which includes in and out of the potty.)

And of course I had to put up a cute video......my favorite is when she makes the lion noise :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Timpanogos Caves and Father's Day

Last Thursday we all got up as a family a 6 am and headed out for an adventure. We had decided it was time we hiked up to the timpanogos caves! The hike was quite the workout for me! With being pregnant and out of shape it was not easy, we thought afterwords about if we had known how strenuous it was going to be we probably would have waited until later in the pregnancy. But apparently it didn't send me into labor and it was an awesome experience!!! We would like to get a lot of fun things packed in this summer since Dan will actually have the time. Dan mostly carried Hannah on his shoulders and she walked a small portion on the way. it was fun to have her chat all the way, telling us what she was seeing and asking for snacks and water.

Father's Day I thought was fun! Let me say one thing first.........Dan is hard to shop for!!! I kept trying to get ideas out of him but when I finally got one that I would be able to do it turned out there was no possible way of getting. He wanted a 20 round magazine for one of his guns, I guess that 20 round doesn't exist for this certain gun. I was able to find a great gift the day before when I knew that time was running out and it was now or never. I was able to find him a leatherman for his key chain. He already has one but it is pretty old and was starting to become harder to use. I was so happy when he said it was the perfect gift :) I did get to learn more about guns, bullets, and magazines through the whole process!
Anyways, for father's day I made him breakfast in bed (he was very tired because he had worked a 14 hour shift at work the previous evening) and then made him a great dinner. And for dessert I made him a cheesecake! The last time I made one, was for his birthday a month after we had gotten married and he wasn't a big fan of it so it took me almost 2 more years for make another one.........it turned out a lot better this time ;)
For activity day's we had learned how to make boutonnieres, and i was so happy to present one to Dan Sunday morning and to make him wear to church.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's June already?

I realized today that it had been over a month since my last post. I'm sorry! It seems like time is flying by!!!!

Dan has his last final tomorrow and then will only have his LSAT prep class on Wed. and Saturdays. He is looking forward to having a summer off! It's been several years. We have lots of fun stuff planned, since this will probably be our last summer if we end up going to Law school back east. He is enjoying work. He was just put in charge of the work schedule for all the employees and has enjoyed the experience and being able to make his own schedule. He is back to working full time now that classes are over. An interesting thing that happened lately at work was, he had to deal with a homeless man who was smoking some weed during a movie. I will admit it's a bit surprising for Provo, UT. But then again there is a surprising amount of crime and homeless that exist. Last month a man ended up being shot. The man tried to shop lift some beer and was detained by two employs until the police showed up, when the man pulled out a gun when the police arrived on the scene he was shot immediately. What a shock, especially since we go shopping there weekly.......it's just so strange to imagine. But we have been lucky to have lived in a 'bubble' with being students at LDS colleges and living in complexes with lots of LDS students.

I have now finished watching Ryan. I am an achievement days leader, which has been lots of fun. They have talked about releasing me once this little girl comes, but we'll see how it goes! A project I have been working on is my kitchen. I will try to post some pictures with details! I LOVE how my kitchen turned out. So I am now in to my 29th week! It seems like it is dragging on! I am very much ready for her to come (just not as a preemie.) This last Friday I had a doctor's appt. where I had to do the glucose test. I work up at 8 am to drink it all (it was a lot easier this time around :) at 9 am I went and I had my blood drawn. I became a little light headed afterward and was given a granola bar and some water. I was glad to find that my blood pressure has stayed pretty low (another problem I had with the last pregnancy.) I've gained 28 lbs. which is 3 more than I had gained during my last pregnancy so I'm sure this baby will not turn out as small as Hannah (5 lbs. 14 oz.) They checked to see if I was dilating since we are coming up on the week when I went into preterm labor and were relieved to find there has been NO dilating or effacing. Since that was the case they felt if was safe to schedule my next appt. 4 weeks later. It has been great having a regular pregnancy! It has made me so happy!!! Now just keep your fingers crossed, 31 weeks is when I went into labor with Hannah.

We started getting serious with the potty training. The last couple of months we started introducing her to the potty and decided just to take our time. But I decided that since it's summer (easier to let her spend time outside in just a t-shirt), it's just me and her which will make it so much easier, and she is showing several signs of being ready that we were going to get her trained. Today was day 7 and about day 4 we started having more successes than accidents. So far I think it's going alright! We have 6 weeks to get her completely potty trained.......we'll see how that goes. She of course has started saying simple sentences like "I'm sleepy" "I'm naked" " I want..." "Love you" "Play with Hannah(our neighbor)""I got it" and my favorite :) "Dang it" and has become pretty assertive when it comes to letting us know what it is she wants. She continues to become more clingy but nursery has starting getting better. Dan and I spend Sunday school in nursery and then I go to Relief Society while he stays with her. We're thinking about trying to leave her on her own in a couple of more Sundays. She is such a ray of sunshine to us. We still love seeing what she'll say or do next.

So this was 25 weeks.

This week 29 weeks. There is definitely something growing :)

There's this duck that just walked into our apartment one evening. What a surprise! Hannah sure loved it!

Hannah, Hannah and Ruby swimming in our neighbors pool.