Thursday, February 27, 2014

28 weeks

I now will be making visits to the OB every two weeks.  Yesterday was my second ultrasound, glucose testing and regular OB visit.  The ultrasound confirmed that my placenta has moved up!  So no c-section! Yay!  The downside is it turns out I have a lower amniotic fluid amount :).  Always something right?  Lol.  So they will be keeping an eye and if my growth at every appointment isn't where it should be I might have another ultrasound and other tests done.  I had something similar with Bella which played a part of being induced before my due date.  So, who knows but she was healthy and had been VERY active the last day or two.  She actually woke and kept me up for an hour in the middle of the night on Tuesday she was so active.  I can feel her head with every step I take. It's good she's head down but definitely uncomfortable!  Anyways, that's where we're at.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

3rd Trimester

We officially hit the 3rd trimester!  I can NOT believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by.  We enjoy feeling her moving and kicking us in the evenings.  It fun to imagine that in 10-13 weeks she'll be here.  It's funny because it's like I hit the 3rd trimester this week and the contractions started up!  They are not usually uncomfortable but are definitely more frequent.  I guess I'm not really worried because we've done this 3 times before now and they have all made it to full term so i don't see us breaking that tradition now.

I have an appointment this Wednesday for my second ultrasound.  I can't remember if I mentioned previously but my placenta was low lying and just centimeters from the cervix at the 18 week ultrasound.  They said as my uterus grew they placenta should have moved up along with it.  They do the follow up at 28 weeks just to be sure it has moved up. We'll see if that's the case this week.  I'm honestly not really worried.

So ready or comes the final count down!  We'll be full term May 1st.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Wow!  You must be thinking THREE blog posts in 1 day!  This girl has way too much time on her hands.  It's funny, after 7 months of this calling I'm finally starting to feel like it's OK to do normal everyday things like cleaning my house three days in a row, making wheat bread, blogging, and not feel guilty for the million other things that I feel like I should be doing.  I always feel like there is more I should be doing to help and service the sisters in our ward.  I know that no matter how much time and effort I put in, there will always be more I can do.  I've been in my own little world the last 7 months and probably will be for as long as I have this calling.  I've been thinking of how to share my feelings on how I truly express what I want to express.
 I realized something Sunday,  it was when my two wonderful sister in-laws told me I needed to let them help me more (I was trying so hard not to break down in tears).  I had been struggling with asking for help because I felt like I could just take and take and not have anything to give back (because I give and give to my calling and my own family).  I didn't want to be a taker unless I could give something back. All of my time and energy goes into being a wife,a mom and  a RS president.  There is just no place in my life for extras or the frivolous most of the time.  I give everyday until I have nothing left to give and still know there is more that needs to be given.  I miss finding time to sew and work of crafts, I miss hanging out with friends, I miss having time for myself.  There are days where I have been so busy, I collapse at the end of it all and wonder how I will keep going.  I feel so physical and emotionally drained  I wonder where I'll find the strength to carry on. But I will tell you something, I would make the same choices and choose this path again in a heart beat.  I feel the load being lightening enough so I do have days where I get to blog!  Days where I get to make wheat bread!  Days where I get to be just a mom and wife.  And I feel the Saviors love and strength.  I am serving and giving as the Savior did. How could I ask for anything else?  It's those moments where there is just nothing left to give is when I feel the atonement working in my life and my family's.  I feel so blessed that I get to help other families who need rescuing, rather it's spiritually, financially or emotionally.  I get to be the the Savior's hands and minister to his beloved children.  Yes, I am overwhelmed. But, I am completely at peace and feel closer to my Savior then I ever have before.
I hope my thoughts have not been scattered and I have been able to share what I am feeling so deep inside.  It's not always easy to share our deepest thoughts and feelings but I really felt like I needed to.
I am so grateful for Dan. He is AMAZING!  That man comes home and helps with the kids, dinner, bedtime and clean up.  Sometimes he does it all by himself and then works a couple of more hours from home after the kids are in bed because I have a meeting.  He has baked a ham and made a salad for a funeral luncheon because I had a meeting all morning long.  He has spent Saturdays helping me clean the house. He spends a lot of Saturday mornings and evening helping other families in our ward who are moving. He gets the kids up, fed breakfast and dressed for church by himself most Sundays.  He never complains when I have a meeting, (which is several nights a week).  He is amazing husband.  And I am so grateful for his support and how all he wishes is for me to grow.  He is everything I could want and more.  And I love him for the husband, father and priesthood holder that he is.
Life is full of heartache and adversity.  But there is also strength and beauty if we know where to turn. 


Photography.  I enjoy it.  I enjoy capturing certain moments and then getting to go back and relish the moment.  Several months ago I took some photos for some friends that had new babies.  It was really enjoyable!  I'll be honest, I am most definitely not a professional. I am FAR from it.  But I did find great satisfaction.  I had to borrow my sister in-laws camera to take these.  I really hope to have my own nice camera AND the time to cultivate the hobby of mine. Anyways,  I just wanted to share with you some pictures I have taken that are not my family.

Baby H:

Baby M:


Our Home 2014

Every January since we bought our house, I have posted pictures. So you, our friends and family, can see how our home has changed year to year and so you can also see the work we've put into our home that year.  I will start by sharing links of my previous posts, if you would like to see how much has changed from 2012-now:

Jan. 2012 post:

January 2013 post:

Our home currently (2014):

I do apologize, today was a rainy day so there wasn't as much natural lighting so the change in paint color, might be harder to notice!  We still have several rooms, a bathroom and a hall way to paint.

The master bedroom. It's amazing what paint, moving some furniture, a new bed spread and bed skirt can do! We're getting there :)

Living room.  I believe we added a second couch this year and paint.  The black couch or more like futon was on a curb for free.  The family didn't have room in their moving truck for it.......lucky us!

Dining room.  Dan's parents who emptied out their home so they could sell it while on their mission, are letting us use their dining room set while they are gone.  I love displaying our dishes.

Entryway.  I'm not sure if you can tell the difference between the paint colors :)

Kitchen nook 1.


Kitchen nook 2.
Girl's room. We still have to paint their room and the hallway outside of it.

The kids bathroom.  I'm happy to have some form of decor in there now.  I think once it's painted, it will change the look a little.

My favorite part of the kid's bathroom!  These cute anchor hooks my mom sent to me!

Charlie's room! This room will also get painted.  We still don't know where this baby girl is going to go :)  We'll have to figure out how to arrange everyone!

Dan's office.  We still need to paint this room too.  The big brown chair was another curb find!

Dan's parents gave us the cherry filing cabinets!  And boy have they come in handy! 
I love the painted stairwell with no scuffs.  We'll see how long that lasts!
The upstairs bathroom. We painted it the same color as the dining room. I am sorry for the blurry photo.  I didn't realize until I had downloaded it how bad it was.

Upstairs bonus room with the new paint. The TV is a loan from Dan's parents.

This black leather couch is another curb find!  We have really been enjoying the comfort of this couch.

And there is our home. I didn't realize how many changes had taken place this last year.  I guess that's just how life is though :).  Painting the majority of the house took us DAYS!  We have taken a break because it took so much out of us but we would do it again in a heartbeat.  We hope to finish painting and buying curtains this coming year!  And we have big dreams of doing tile in the bathrooms and kitchen, hardwood floors in the entry and living room and to get granite counter tops for the kitchen.  Who knows how much we'll have the money or time for but it's still fun to dream!
We're getting our garden ready to start planting in the next month or two.  Dan is very excited about it :).  We are definitely enjoying being homeowners! We look forward to what the year brings.  Work is going well for Dan and we were excited when they finally gave him a raise after 2 years of working in his current role. They also said they plan to put him on the short list for a promotion.  He's also hoping to take the GMAT and apply for grad school to get his MBA. With all that and a new baby..........2014 is going to be exciting.