Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Dan also had off the whole week from school! He got all of his assignments done for Monday and they canceled classes on Tuesday ( he already had the homework done for that and had already turned it in) because of the big snow storm that was suppose to come. This storm was suppose to be one of the worst storms Utah county had seen in years. Those who live here know that did not happen, not even close. It was really nice having him here we spent the week getting ready for our big move to North Carolina in April. We went through some old boxes, did some research and have already started downsizing. So if there's anything anyone might need let us know......we might just be getting rid of that very same item :) I know the move isn't for another 5 months but we still have a lot of things that we need to downsize and it's never too early to start packing, right?

The plan this year had been for Dan to work a double of Thanksgiving day. And have our Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday. So I started buying things the week before and then about a week before Thanksgiving we got a call from Dan's aunt, Connie. She invited us to have Thanksgiving with their family ( all Dan's cousins and their kids, it's a pretty big group!) and we were very happy to spend time with them. We always have such a wonderful time whenever we spend time with them. We still did our little family Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday evening. And Thursday afternoon we went out to his aunt and uncles cabin. We enjoy both very much. Dan did work of Thursday but it ended up just being in the evening.

Here are a few pictures of our small family dinner on Wednesday night. We forgot to bring to camera on Thursday so we only have Wednesday night pics.

My china (which I had at the time we got married)and the silver plated flatware that Dan got me for our anniversary this year! I am so lucky to have a husband who knows what I like. He even spent time polishing it with me and washed all the china and flatware after dinner for me(it's nice to know he values these beautiful things as much as I do)! It is so much fun to have both. It will be nice to some day own real silver flatware!!! Someday!
The feast.

Our seven layer jello. Dan requested I put this up, he really enjoyed the process of making it and it did look pretty cool in the end. Now if only the jello hadn't been so grainy from being ruined by humidity in our last apartment......... It was good to use up the last of our jello. We have a lot of downsizing to do before April!

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Mythical Baby

So you know you've heard of that breastfed baby that starts sleeping through the night at 2 months. Or the one who only cries when hungry or tired. Or how about this one that has so much blond hair at birth you can put it in pigtails right away. Or the one who loves her pacifier. I know until I meant a certain young lady, I thought it was just a myth and that I would never get a child who was all of these things. Anyways, if you haven't guessed this post is dedicated to the newest member of our family, Isabella Nicole Clayton. Something wonderful happened tonight! She learned to giggle! I know it may seem like a small and not so big thing but it was a perfect moment. We were all together during bath time and Dan was making funny faces and next thing we hear this awkward, unsure giggle came out of Bella. Next thing we knew all four of us were giggling and I remember thinking it's small moments like this where your family is sharing this amazing moment together that make being a parent so wonderful and amazing, not to mention worth all the bad nights and days you have had and will have. This last week, I've been thinking a lot about what I am thankful for in honor of the holiday that's coming. And I have SO many things to be grateful for, I could go on forever. But today, I am grateful for my children and how they teach love, patience and purity to me. Everyday I learn something new. I am also grateful for the ability to have memories. I know I will remember this special moment like I remember Hannah's and now Bella first giggle, the joy is endless!

I see a lot of her daddy in her!

One of Dan's co-workers made matching hats for the girls! So cute! (poor Bella she always gets this terrified look on her face when Hannah's holding her :)

Smile! She always has a smile for me and will spend several minutes at a time talking to me.

Align CenterSnuggling with daddy. She is really starting to love those hands!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween 2010

So I know I am a little behind when it comes to blogging. First of all, I've been dragging my feet to do this post I guess I was just feeling lazy. Second, I've been terribly sick. I'll just give quick little thing on some stuff that has happened recently.

So at my 6 week postpartum check-up I planned to have an IUD placed. The doctor got everything prep and what not, and was almost ready. He went to measure my uterus to make sure it would be placed in correctly. Man, was I was literally sweating and felt lightheaded it hurt so much during the measuring. Then I hear the doctor, in this slightly concerned tone, that I would have to come back to get the IUD placed because he believed he had perforated my uterus while sounding and the uterus would need time to heal. He also said he had never heard of such a thing, which is why he was unsure if that's what had happened. I found out at the next appointment that the measuring tool went all the way to 14 cm but my uterus was measuring at 6 cm(when they measured it with the ultrasound during the second appointment.)And they found the spot where I had perforated. Luckily no problems besides being in pain and yucky for a few days came of the perforation. When they placed the IUD at the second appointment it was a lot less painful and it was nice to be able to see what they were doing on a screen thanks to the ultrasound. I started having really bad cramps about 3 days after and then about a week later was having heavy bleeding and Friday night, on the 29th I started having a backache and felt like I had the flu. The next morning, Saturday the 30th we were told by the InstaCare clinic to go to the ER. So the morning of 'Halloween' was spent in the ER waiting for an ultrasound and then waiting for the results. They said everything looked great and to take some Ibuprofen and get some rest. I feel a lot better now almost a week later. Monday night, Nov. 1st I started to feel like my chest had a light weight on it. Tuesday morning I woke up and had a hard time breathing and my voice was very raspy. After a shower making it worse, some cold air from outside making me feel better and a long talk with Dan, we called Dan's uncle who is a doctor. His uncle said it sounded like I had a form of adult croup. He said I would be fine and to just get some rest and watch the little ones because it could be dangerous if they caught it. It's now been 3 days later and I am finely starting to feel better. It got worse before it got better but I am so glad for modern medicine. Anyways, now I will move on to HALLOWEEN!!!

Since we live in Utah, Halloween was celebrated on Saturday the 30th instead of Sunday the 31st. Hannah was a witch this year (if you couldn't tell from the birthday pictures) and Bella was a pumpkin! When we first found out I was pregnant, I saw that wal-mart had baby costumes on clearance. Saturday evening was the ward trunk-or-treat which ended up being in the cultural all of the church thanks to the cold, rainy weather. I originally hadn't planned to go because of the early part of the day and not feeling great but I knew Hannah would enjoy it and have her first chance to go trick-or-treating. And it didn't hurt that they were serving dinner. :) So that was our Halloween this year, not very exciting but maybe next year will be a little more fun. Here's some pictures:

Bella looks pretty terrified. Doesn't she :)

The outfit is 0-3 months but she sure looks a lot bigger, huh?

I also did this fun Halloween craft:

First, I spray painted a twig wreath I found at wal-mart black.

Then I hot glued on the candy called mary janes.
I finished it by added some ribbon. It weighs a ton :)