Sunday, February 24, 2013

7 months

Charlie is now 7 months (or will be in 5 more days)!  I had planned to do a 6 month post but it just didn't happen.  But Charlie is such a fun little guy!  I can't tell you how much I adore this little boy!  I've been visiting my family the last few days and have just him with me.  We've had fun spending quality time and enjoying each others company.  It makes me wish I would get a week every year to spend with just one of my kids getting to know them better.  Here's some things about Charlie:

- He LOVES green beans!  He would much rather have a jar of green beans over apple sauce or peaches any day!!  Crazy, right?
- He loves to watch people.  While we've been traveling he has had a chance to meet lots of people and he has been enjoying it very much.
- He has the best smile!  It lights up his face!
- He has the biggest blue eyes that take everything in!
- He's doing a great job sitting on his own.
- He's started getting up on his knees and will mostly likely be crawling in the next month.  He is very determined!
- He loves to be sung to!

The month before Charlie turned 6 months he started waking up every 2-3 hours at night.  After his 6 month appointment and seeing that he had gone down on the growth chart for weight, I realized I needed to step it up with the feeding!  So during the day I try and nurse him every 2 hours and give him solids twice a day.  It has helped tremendously!  Now he usually wakes up 3-4 hours after going to bed and then will wake up 1-2 times at night.  It has helped me so much to have energy.  Especially with sick little girls who have been waking up at night!  Charlie is such a joy and I am so glad his sweet little spirit has come to our family.

Here's some pictures I have taken of him recently:

Monday, February 11, 2013


When we began our house hunt we saw homes that had beautiful wainscotting in the dining and I was hooked.  I was very happy when this home had a dinning room that was just waiting to be played with.  Dan would listen but I could tell he was not enthusiastic about the idea of the project. But one Saturday while we were at Home Depot pricing out paint for our home, I talked him into just testing our what I had in mind.  So we purchased our 5' of molding, and a miter box.  Once we did that first box, Dan became excited at it became our 3 day weekend project.  We decided while we were painting the lower half of the wall, to go a head and paint the whole room.  Here's our journey:

Before pic

Before.  I was not digging the dark brown.

Dan using the nail gun to nail the frames to the wall. Measuring out the sizes of each box was a bit challenging but turned out just fine.

After Dan used the nail gun, I went through and used a nail punch to flatten out the surfaces of the frame.

We finished the wainscotting!

On Monday, I went through and used wood putty to fill in holes.

Up close picture of the wainscotting.

Then we laid out several drop clothes to cover the carpet.

I washed all the walls.

Dan spackled all the wall.

We then had to add primer to the walls.

All primed and ready to be painted.

Taping the walls and ceilings.  We did a lot of taping.

Almost done with the top half of the wall.

I love how it turned out.  The room looks so much more spacy and not as dark and closed in. I am sorry I do not have a better picture.  I'll do updates on the room as we make a few more changes, like the light fixture and curtains.  Maybe a cherry dining set at some point.

Bella's Allergic Reaction

So on a Friday night Bella woke up at 11pm crying.  Dan went to go check on her and picked her up only to realize he was now covered in some unpleasant smelling stuff.  We noticed while giving her a baby to get all the vomit off, that she was covered in a hives.  We weren't sure if it was a food reaction or what.  Bella was very tired and fussy through out Saturday and Sunday.  Sunday was a beautiful day and while Dan was out checking out garden compost, Bella was bite by something on the inside of her left foot.  It look like a fire ant bite and we treated it as such by giving her anti-bite medicine to help with itching and stinging.  The next day, which was Monday, Bella started screaming at around 1pm.  I noticed her pinky toe and that area were swollen and red, and I assumed she had hurt her foot.  After she cried and had been screaming for 3 hours straight I decided to call the Dr. and to take her in.  I was thinking it was either the insect bite or maybe a broken foot or something.  She was in A LOT of pain, to the point where I could not comfort her.  So I loaded all three kids in the car, and unloaded the car with a screaming Bella.  She wouldn't walk on  her foot and it became even more red and swollen.  The Dr. said it looked like a reaction and to just give her pain meds and benedryl.  But at the last min decided it would be a good idea to have her foot looked at to be sure it was not broken because she was in so much pain.  We then meant Dan at the orthopedic Dr., who said we should probably take her to the ER because she was still screaming which meant she was having a terrible reaction ( and this had been 5 hours straight by this point) and her foot looked really bad.  We called the pediatrician who said it was a good idea, especially if she was still crying (7+ hours by this point).  I was a little upset because wouldn't it have been easier if the Nurse Practitioner could have made that call and spared us driving up into Apex to see the orthopedic Dr.?  He knew right away that it was not broken BECAUSE it was swollen and red. I guess breaks do not become swollen and red. So we ended up waiting at the ER for several hours and still had hours to wait. We decided that since she had fallen asleep to just bring her home and monitor her there.  She had a terrible night and woke up in pain every 30 -45 min.  But she awoke in the morning and seemed to be doing better. It was crazy!  If that's how she's going to react when she gets bit next time by a fire ant, I'm a little terrified.  She's been bitten before and did not have any problems, but I guess you can build up an allergy to them.  Pretty scary stuff, just makes me terrified for how things could go next time.

Finally Christmas part 4!

So the last of Christmas!!  Dan had to work a half day on the 24th.  That was a sad day for me because the 24th was always a big deal for us growing up.  This year though we just did leftovers from the family party the night before. We did a special nativity story and watched little clips off the  And then after bath time we laid out the girl's new jammies and slippers (which is a family tradition).  We let the girls set a plate that had cookies, a carrot (for the reindeer), and milk with a note for Santa.  Dan and I stayed up until 11pm :)  wrapping presents and setting them out.  We really enjoyed being Santa this year!  Christmas morning the girl's slept until 7:30 am and then had to be reminded what day it was! Here's some pictures:

Hannah learned to ride her bike a few months ago and Bella has been running after her so 'Santa' decided to bring her her very own tricycle. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

December 2012 Part 3

This year for Christmas, I was really struggling to feel the Christmas spirit.  It was a hard time for me thinking about a few events that had taken place and a certain event that could take place by that time next year.  Least to say, I was feeling sorry for myself and not feeling the holiday cheer. So when someone decided to shine a little extra light into our lives around this time of year and remind me that I was loved and no matter what the future holds I needed to remember that, I knew Heavenly Father was answering my prayers and so was the family who choose us for the 12 days of Christmas.  I do not know if that family reads this blog but if they do, know that it meant so much to our family and you blessed our lives this last Christmas. I will always remember this Christmas for that reason.  We had so much fun!  Here's some pictures:

As you can tell from Bella's picture sure was eating as much candy as she was putting on the house!

She might have had a little help :)

She was so meticulous!

Reading Christmas stories from our secret friends before bed!

They were all enthralled, even Charlie.
We had a family Christmas dinner on the 23rd.  Which was at our house!  We were so excited to use our china and dining room.  It was lots of fun.  We also reenacted the Nativity.  Thank you to my mother in-law for the costumes she passed on to me!  The kids loved them!  We did a special tradition that we did every year in my home.  We would make a relish tray to go with dinner and would always make a center piece that was a.................

Penguin eggs!  You boil an egg, peel it, use toothpicks to add carrot pieces for feet and beak, olives for the head and wings and then cloves for the eyes and buttons!  they are super cute!  Hannah's holding the body with the wings and feet attached.