Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pictures from the hospital

On the birthing ball with Dan rubbing my back.  It felt pretty good in the beginning.

As we got closer to the end, I did not want to be touched :)  Dan was good about being close and watching my body language. He was such a good birthing partner!

This one is on here just to show Dan's happy face!

I think this is when his mom came back.

Happy smiling parents!

Since it took so long for the placenta to come out, it was a while until Dan got to cut the umbilical cord.  There is a picture of the midwife pushing on my stomach to get the placenta out, and me about ready to punch her in the face.........but I felt like it was not a picture any one needed to see ;)

We originally thought the nurse had said 7 lbs. 8 oz.  but realized later is was 6 oz. not 8..........good thing we got a picture!

Cleaning him off.

This grumpy face is so adorable!  He had quiet a labor.

Again, love Dan's happy face.

Sucking on that hand.  He loves fingers over pacifiers.

My mom, me and her first grand child she got to see be born!

He stopped breathing at one point and turned all blue.  So the nurse had to rile him up to get him to turn pink again.

Daddy with his little boy!

My mom and her grandchild.

My mom in-law and grandchild.  I think some one is a little hungry in both of these pictures :) He's trying to eat his grandma!

First bath!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Little Man Photo Shoot

Thank you Shalyse for letting me borrow your camera! Love you!
 I really enjoyed having fun taking pictures of my little man!  I'm definitely an amateur but I want to learn more!  I hope you all enjoy these!  I love how his face kept lighting up in a smile that was just for me.  He also loves to coo, and always wants to be close to me.  He's mama's little boy! I love him soooo much :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

One month

Getting ready to go home!  He made a very cute little bear.

Hannah holding baby brother just after arriving home from the hospital.

Bella taking her turn.

Doing belly time together!

Love those little feet and toes!

My little cutie pie.  I just can't help but kiss his little face!

Hannah ready for dance class.

She was very excited to get to go to dance class!
Worried look, the one he does so well and so often :)

This Sunday will make 5 weeks, since we added a new family member! This month has been challenging in a lot of ways but also full of joy.  One of the hardest thing for me has been how emotional I have been.  I'm usually very even tempered but this month I've been ALL over the place emotionally.  I'm slowly starting to feel like myself again.  The hardest thing about having three kids, is trying to function with little sleep and nursing when two other little people need my help. Nursing is difficult because he is always eating, or so it seems. I wish I could grow a few extra arms! I'm getting more adventurous in going places with all three.  I did not want to go to the store by myself but once I decided I was going to just do it.  If it ended up being stressful, well that's just my lot in life right now and to suck it up. This last week was very rough because little man had some very rough nights of being up every 2 hours and then the next night every hour.  After the night of waking up every hour screaming and then spending the next day screaming, if he wasn't being held or in the swing (and the batteries died half way through the day and I was in no shape willing to make a 'quick' trip to the store) I was at my wits end!  It didn't help that Dan had been working until 8 or 9 pm everyday.  Dinner time and bedtime was always the hardest.  That night before going to bed, I told Heavenly Father I might just lose it if I had to go one more night without sleep and begged him to calm my little boy.  Guess what happened? He slept a total of 6 hours :)  I couldn't believe it. The next night 8 hours and then another 8 last night.  He also has been so much more content the last few days, and so have I!  There is still moments where I hear circus music going in the background of my life but I know that the Lord has been blessing me to be calm.  Also, chocolate has been a life saver!  So here's to life with three beautiful kids that I love so much that I'm willing to sacrifice my sanity!  I know once this gets easier, it'll be time to add to our family again ;) !  But seriously, I do feel so blessed to have this little boy to hold in my arms.  I love his hair!  It's so funny when he wakes up in the morning because his hair is sticking up and out in every direction!  It's still strawberry blond and I get lots of comments on his hair.  Either about the color or how much it he has (I guess it's rare to see a newborn with so much light colored hair).   His eyes are getting lighter everyday, looks like we'll have another blue eyed baby.   This next week will be a whole new schedule for us!  Hannah will have preschool Tue. & Thru. and then on Friday's I'm going to continue her dance class and put Bella in to music class.  It is just so affordable and they enjoy them so much!