Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pictures of the new House

Here is our house. I still have work to do and have some pretty big plans. But I thought I would share a few pics and will update as we do some redecorating and get some furniture. I also have big plans for repainting. The lime sherbet color doesn't look bad, it's just not me. And it's my house, so why shouldn't I make it my house. Mind you, all of the changes will take place over time. I will also try and show you our back and front yard. We have plans for those too. :)

The Door on the left leads to our office (and if I have my way nursery :). The door on the right is the front door. If you go more right that is the dining room. If you go more to the left, that's the master bedroom/bathroom. Behind me is the family room.

As you can see we are definitely not make much progress in this room. Right now it's the 'catch all' room.

Our dining room, which is a playroom right now. I look forward to using it as a formal dining room someday.

We're using the old bed set from Dan's parents home. That will most likely be changing in the next month.

We have more french doors leading to the master bath.

Separate dual vanities. Dan is a BIG supporter of this arrangement.

Family room, with my piano. The mirror off the side will go above the piano, very soon (right dear? :) The fireplace is a gas log, which we've really liked so far. You just pop a switch and it turns on, you then just pop the switch again and it's turned off.

Kitchen nook. The table and chairs we got from Dan's parents. I look forward to having real chairs! They get so cold in the morning!

Obviously my kitchen! I'm lovin' it!

Not all of our appliance match but, we are so grateful to our friends the McNabb's for giving us our stove and fridge!

Those big french doors on the right is the laundry closet. Also if you go straight a head that door leads to our garage and there is a doorway and stairs to the right of the garage door that lead to our bonus room.

I have plans to change some things about the laundry closet but won't go into them.

Bonus room view as you look out at the stairway and bathroom.

The bonus bathroom even has a bath!

This hallway is located off the the left if you are facing the kitchen nook from the kitchen. The first door on the right is the girls' room. The middle door the bathroom. Third door, my craft room, which will eventually be this coming babies room. And the door at the end is the linen closet.

Lots of pink!

Bookshelf that Dan's dad helped me with. He is so handy!

The girls' bathroom. It's pretty much an empty canvas, I still don't have any ideas.

Craft room. It's also used from when Ben and Shalyse bring Andrea over and so Bella can have nap time in a separate room from Hannah.

There is our home. It's been pretty exciting just the last 3 weeks dreaming about things I would like to do with the home. Dan has had fun dreaming about what to do in the garage and with the yard. We are so happy and enjoying this time in life as first time home buyers!

Just for Fun

At the Holly Springs Christmas Parade. Bella was having a rough time.

Bella loves to find any little nook or cranny to sit in.

The irls enjoying some whipping cream from the can.

Hannah pretending to sleep in the hamper.

Cheesiest smile ever!

This is a typical lunch for us. Both the girls were laughing but I think Bella got a little camera shy. Hannah of course did not. :)
This year for Christmas was full of time with family. On Dec. 24th we had a big dinner and opening of presents at Dan's parents home. His brother Vaughn and his wife Becca (their 4 children), his sister Laurel and her son Josh, his brother Ben and his wife Shalyse (their 2 kids), his Aunt Victoria and of course his parents were there. I wish I would have gotten pictures of that day. For the dinner we had Ham, cheese potatoes, rolls, fruit salad, and spinach salad. I also made a green cake in the shape of a Christmas tree. Hannah asked me if we could make a cake for baby Jesus, since it was her birthday. I thought it was a great idea. After enjoying the delicious dinner, we opened a HUGE mountain of presents! Again, I wish I had gotten pictures! It was pretty amazing. I am thankful for all of the family, and for all the thoughtful gifts. It was very enjoyable. After opening the presents, Vaughn and Becca had to run because her parents had driven from Iowa.
Christmas morning was a big rush. We had church at 9 am, so we got up at 7:30. The girl's slept in so Dan and I were able to get ready before the girls even woke up. I was thinking, why can't they sleep in on mornings when we don't have to be somewhere? Either way we rushed to get them ready and Dan's mom and aunt stopped by so Auntie could go to church with us. As you can see from the pictures below, they were there with us when we opened our presents before heading off the church. We were a few min. late but still made it for the opening hymn! Hannah received a Tinkerbell book with figurines from mom and dad, a magnetized ballerina doll (like a paper doll only with magnets) from Santa, a princess puzzle from Bella and a little mermaid play vanity. Bella received, a book with sing along songs with CDs from mom and dad, a rainbow fish puzzle book from Santa, and dress up jewelry from Hannah. Hannah and Bella received finger puppets from Uncle Will and Aunt Jodi, a princess balloon from Andrea, coloring books, crafting paper and candy canes from Uncle Ben and Aunt Shalyse, and a princess castle tent from my mom. From Dan's parents Hannah received a rocking chair, a barbie doll, a singing penguin stocking (we have since hidden it because it there was a constant singing of jingle bells :), and a stocking full of goodies. Bella received some clothes and a stocking full of goodies as well. I do apologize if I have forgotten everything, my memory has been especially bad recently. Dan and I also received many many gifts for The Parents! They were very generous, and I know they were glad to downsize on a lot of stuff. They have also been so kind as to help fill our house with things like flatware, and slotted spoons. Dan's dad made a tray for our flatware that he custom built to fit into a drawer for me. We feel so blessed to have them so close by and are thankful for all the help they give to us. My mom gave Dan and I a new camera (our last one had died on us) which we are still trying to figure out. Dan surprised me with a gift of a hand cheese grater (the kind used in restaurants) and a slotted spoon. Which was pretty sneaky of him considering we both agreed not to get each other anything this year. The house was our Christmas present. We were pretty proud that we were able to spend so little on Christmas this year. Will and Jodi sent Dan a gift card for Home Depot, which we faithfully went out and spent the next day on some supplies for a french drain, Dan is working on. I received a fancy Belgian waffle maker, the kind that turns! How awesome is that! Dan received some nice bullets from Ben and Shalyse gave me a deck of cards called, Hand and Foot.
After church, we came home and had a great big breakfast, which is my family's tradition. It included: A danish pastry (which I made the night before), pillsbury turnovers, cream cheese eggs, fruit, and hot chocolate with a candy cane and whipped cream. We were so glad Auntie was here to share it with us. In the evening, we invited Ben and Shalyse over to play Hand and Foot. We watched "Joy To The World," and explained to the girls that the movie was telling the story that's in the scriptures. We then sang Away In a Manger and said prayer and put the girls down for bed!
We felt so blessed to be around family and to have so many people who cared about us. It was indeed, a very Merry Christmas!

First thing when we woke them up they wanted to go see the Christmas tree.

Such a goofy face :)

You can tell this is one happy little girl!