Thursday, September 25, 2014

Week Off

Dan has to take off a full 5 days from work every year.  This year he decided to take it off around his birthday.  So Dan had work off September 19th-25th.  We had so much fun but were SO busy!  The 19th was his 30th birthday!  He's not very happy about being in his thirties :)!  He says he feels old.  After getting the girls to school, Charlie, Faith and I took him out to breakfast to the Waffle House.  Faith slept through most of breakfast so we had a lot of time with just Charlie and he was LOVING it! So were we.
After breakfast we drove up to Cary to go shoe shopping for running shoes.  Dan has had a life long goal to fun a marathon before he turned 30.  The marathon isn't until October so he will BE 30 instead.  He was happy with that!  His running shoes he's had for almost 10 years!  They have been falling apart little by little and are pretty sad looking now and he knows if he's going to run a marathon he's going to spend lots of time training and will need good shoes for the run.  We spent a couple of hours shopping around but found some great shoes that he really likes!  We hope they can last him as long as his last pair :)!
After shoe shopping we came home and squeezed a quick nap in and then Dan went to pick up the girls from school.  While he was picking the girls up I worked on pirate costumes for the kids.  That's one fun fact about Dan's birthday, it's Talk Like a Pirate Day!  So if you dress up like a pirate you get a dozen free glaze Krispy Creme donuts.

I had to really convince Dan, but we decided it would be fun to go to the Cirque Italia, (which is like a smaller version of Cirque De Soleil) that was in Raleigh.  We decided it would be fun to take the girls and we were so glad we did!  The girls loved it!  So did Dan.

Saturday, September 20th we went out to dinner in the evening.  We have some friends in our ward who are an older couple who always offer to watch our little ones for us.  We've only taken them up on it twice.  They are some of those people who enrich your lives just by being apart of it.  they are amazing! Anyways, we saved up points to get a gift card to PF Changs.  We had never been to PF Changs and thought it was an amazing restaurant.  We definitely enjoyed, I'm just sad we didn't get any pictures.
Monday, we drove to the LDS Cannery that is 1 1/2 hours away in Greensboro.  I've been feeling the need to make our food storage a priority and it wasn't hard to get Dan on board! We both enjoy preparing for emergencies (not 'prepping' per say ;) and haven't had a chance to go the cannery before. It was great!  We were able to see the cannery as well as the Bishop's Storehouse.  It was so neat seeing where the food orders I would place for our ward would go and then seeing them prepare to ship out the items that would be delivered to our Stake building.  After the cannery we stopped by Home Depot to pick up buckets to store the wheat and beans in.  We did forgot to order the 5 gal mylar bags for storing but were able to get those ordered and they arrived yesterday.  Below are pics of us storing the food.  We had fun learning and doing it together.

We still have several more buckets to seal up.  The next step is finding where to store all the buckets!  I had this thought the other day as I was trying to figure out where we could store all this food so it would not be upstairs in the heat during the summer and the thought popped into my head about under our stairs.  It took some cajoling but once Dan was on it, he was on it!

It will be a great place to store some of our food.
Tuesday, we worked on overhauling our front flower beds and trimming the bushes.  Dan's time is in short supply these days and I don't usually have the amount of time it would take to get it done!  It was great to have us both home to work on it!
Wednesday, we worked on our 72 hour kits.  We haven't kept up with them the last year or two and our family has grown quite a bit in that time frame :).
We also moved Charlie over to the toddler bed!  He kept pointing to his crib and saying "Bella. I want Bella."  He really misses having a roommate. I told him the crib was going to be for Faith soon.  He woke up the next morning pointing to the crib saying, "Faith?"  I think he wants a roommate :)  He's done a great job at night.  We haven't done nap time in the toddler bed yet though.

This month has flown by! I'll make another post soon telling a little more about what we've been up to!  We are definitely not just sitting around :)!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Picture Day

I asked Shalyse if I could borrow her camera over Labor Day weekend to get more pictures of Faith, Charlie's 2 year pics, Bella's 4 year pics and Hannah's 6 year pics!  I didn't actually get time until Monday morning and then had an hour window where I hurried and got them all ready for pics.  I know I've said this before, but I really enjoy photography.  I love to capture moments and personalities.  Someday I really hope to take the time to learn more AND get my own DSLR camera! Which won't be until the kids are all grown up :(.  Anyways enjoy!  I did!

New Days Ahead

Hannah started Early Entry Kindergarten in July and went for 4 weeks then had a 3 week break before she started staggered entry Kindergarten.  Hannah's first full of Kindergarten with her full class was Tuesday! Hannah get's on the bus around 8:35am and arrives home around 4:15pm.  She has a great teacher, Ms. Toni.  Everyone we know said she is the best Kindergarten teacher and to request her.  So we did!  Hannah has loved her from the beginning and was SO excited when we found out she was placed in her place.  Fun fact, they share the same birthday!  Hannah is already loving it and has tons to tell me about it every day.

Bella started NC Pre-K.  We found out a week and half before she started her week of staggered entry.  August 25th-29th was a BUSY week!  Hannah had a half day the 25th.  Bella had half days the 26th and 28th. And then on the 29th we had Meet the Teacher and then Bella's 4 year checkup!  It was exhausting and very busy, I hardly had time to breath!  Bella started Tuesday, September 2nd as her first full day as well.  As soon as Hannah gets on the bus we head over the Bella's preschool.  Bella attends preschool from 8:30am-3pm. Bella does not have a bus so I drive to pick up and drop off.  It wouldn't be such a chore if I didn't have to tote 3 children in and out every time :)!  Bella is excited every morning as loves to tell me about her friends and what they play.  She has great teachers as well!  It was fun because one of my really good friends use to work at Bella's preschool and knows her teachers.  It was great to hear that they are great! Bella also has speech therapy once a week.  It will be interesting to see how much longer she will attend therapy, I think she's almost ready to be done!

Charlie didn't know what to think the first day with every one gone.  Luckily, Shalyse came over so I could help her make yogurt and Ethan came with her.  So Ethan helped to keep him busy.  It has been hard for nap time because I have to wake him up so he is always tired in the evenings.  In fact,  all THREE of them are tired and grumpy in the evenings.  The last two evenings I've about dropped from exhaustion because from 3pm-7:30pm it is go, go, go.  I have to pick up Bella, feed Charlie a snack, walk three kids to the bus stop, walk 4 kids home from the bus stop, make dinner while stopping fights and nursing a crying, hungry baby, get everyone to eat dinner,  help with showers and getting ready for bed, reading scriptures and other books and then saying family prayer. And then I feed the baby again.  Dan's been working until 7 or 8pm both nights.  By 9pm I'm so tired I'm almost falling asleep in the shower.  I think part of it has been someone having a nightmare every night and waking me up :) not to mention the 5am feeding.  Either way, life is pretty busy!  I thought I would have all this time but my days are flying by!

Dan gave Hannah, Bella and Charlie Father's blessings.  I'll try and write the highlights on here in the next week!  

Charlie wanted to be like his sisters.