Friday, May 27, 2011

Pictures of the girls

And you thought I was going to actually post pictures! I sure got you! ;) Actually my sister-in-law Jodi took some adorable pictures of the girls and made a blog post with pictures of them. If you are interested here is the web address:

I will hopefully be able to get a few of Washington D.C, a Mississippi pic and some more recent ones of the girls soon. First of all our camera battery was dead for the D.C. trip so I will need to get some from some one else, just have to remember to do that! Mississippi River pics on Dan's phone, I'll have to figure how to get that (we also have a few D.C. pictures on there too). Once we found our camera battery and recharged it, I took some I just have to find that special USB cable to transfer them onto my computer. So, sorry for the delays but if you check out Jodi's blog you will see some real talent!! Miss all of you that are not here with us. And love you all! I really miss my friend, Kristi ( one of those friends you are lucky to find) And especially you, Mom. I really miss you :) And of course I miss all my family!!!

The Renaissance Fair

We had a lot of fun visiting Will and Jodi! They are super awesome! They were very kind and invited us to a local Renaissance Fair. It was pretty fun! There was a knife thrower, a whip guy (who lit some whips of fire), a guy who was was a little bit of everything and much much more! It was so fun to see so much fun. There was a lot of fun and funny people :). Thank you guys for sharing this experience with us! And thank you Jodi for e-mailing me the pictures!

In my costume :) Almost everyone was wearing some kind of costume.

The Falconer.

Dan and Hannah.

Lizzy and Bella. Rachel and Lizzy were AMAZING with the girls!

The guys who did a little bit of everything. I'm sure there's a better title for him but i can not think of that right now!

Hannah Banana

I wish I had posted sooner because I could have given better details. But one thing i do remember is how amazed I was by how good Will and Jodi's kids were! I need to take lessons from her, she knows what she's doing ;)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A little Tid Bit of an update

So we STILL have not heard from the laws schools............very weird but I guess it wasn't meant to be. He has been applying for jobs for about the last 4-5 weeks. So we are now just waiting to hear back on any of the jobs. We have a "dream" house. If you are interested here's a link to the house we are interested in:

There is some work to be done but it is mostly stuff that we would work on over time. It will most likely be gone before we get a job, get approved for a loan and make an offer. But it's still fun to dream and to hope that sometime in the next 6-8 months we will hopefully get a house.

Anyways, Dan is participating in a sleep study at Duke University in the mean time to make a little money. He has a sensor he wears as a watch to detect his movements throughout the day and during the night. He keeps a daily journal on his sleep, like what time he went to bed, what time he woke up, how long it took him to wake up, how many times did he wake up during the night, how did he feel when he woke up. Things like that. We spent a night last Wednesday and the whole next day sleeping over night and taking naps to see if he was eligible for the sleep study. Tomorrow night and this Thursday and then next Wednesday and Thursday night he will spend at Duke University. One night he will be given an anti-psychotic drug and then monitored and then the other week he will given the placebo. Anyways, pretty interesting. Hopefully all will go well. It's funny because he had to sign a contract saying he would not conceive a child during the next month after taking the drug.

Bella is 9 months now! She is crawling all the time and is a very fun baby! She's so mellow! She is doing very well. Hannah is doing alright. The move has been pretty hard on her but she does seem to be adjusting little by little. I will try and get some pictures posted soon of the girls and other things that we've been doing. Anyways, this is just a little update.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Life As We Know It

So finally another blog post!! Sorry for those who've been wondering what in the world we've been up. If you don't know the last month or so here is what we've been up to:
  • Packing up our apartment in Provo, UT (I do miss that apartment probably because all the extra love I put into plus it was the longest we had lived in one place) Then packing a truck with all of those items, cleaning our apartment and then heading off into the wild blue (not really just North Carolina :)
  • We stopped in at Aurora, CO and spent time with Dan's two sisters, Dorothy and Elizabeth and their wonderful families. Dan's sister Dorothy and her husband, Jason, own and run a Baskin Robbins so we were able to get free DELICIOUS ice cream!! Pretty awesome! It was so great to see everyone there!
  • We then heading south to Flower Mound, TX. And spent time with Dan's brother Will's family. They took us out on a double date to celebrate Dan graduating. Then treated our family to a day at a Renaissance Fair (pictures to come). We had fun with them and enjoyed a long break from driving when we realized that Dan's parents' home would still have some work being done, due to a tornado that slowed the repairs.
  • Drove over the Mississippi River. This was my first time ever crossing it (not counting our honeymoon in FL. I don't count that because we flew and I didn't get to really see the states) It was fun because when we arrived in Mississippi they had a State Welcome Center with free cookies (and coffee :) and I was so surprised. I had never heard of a State welcome Center before! I enjoyed seeing completely new landscape.
  • We crossed over to Alabama.
  • We crossed over to Georgia and stayed at a dinky (and slightly shady) hotel just East of Atlanta.
  • We ARRIVED in Holly Springs, NC. We then spent several days with Dan's brother Ben and his family while the big house (Dan's parents' home) was being finished.
  • After a couple of days of unpacking we headed out to Washington DC. Another thing I had never done! We spent three days up there (pictures soon to come for this as well)
We now need to get settled in and find Dan a job. We've done some fun house browsing and went and saw a few with a Realtor called Jon Netherton. It was good because he showed us a huge range of housing situations. The first one was a house that was a foreclosure and was in terrible condition and would need LOTS of work and the last one was a brand new home ( in fact it is still in the process of being built) that was a cookie cutter that we didn't like. Some had garages, some didn't. Some had nice lawns, others didn't. It was lots of fun and was a learning experience. It will still be months until we can get into a house but figured 'why not look around' in the mean time!