Monday, August 31, 2009

Hannah Stories

So lately Hannah has been doing some pretty funny things that I wanted to share.

About a week ago we were on our way back from Wal-mart and Hannah was getting bored and restless and started crying, so I handed her a dum-dum sucker that was wrapped up, thinking she would enjoy something new and wouldn't be able to get it unwrapped. When we arrived home we found she had torn off the wrapping and had eaten the WHOLE sucker. (At least it's not as bad as the time she saw my sister throw away her gum and then went and retreived it from the garbage........)

Our toliet is really old and when you flush it, it doesn't flushed very well unless you hold down the handle for at least 10 sec. Well, one morning Dan and I were talking and then we heard some splashing and realized Hannah was trying to fish some toilet paper out of the toilet! YUCK! We're not sure if she ate any of it or not. She really likes toilet paper for some reason. Whenever she's too quiet I'll check on her and either find that she has unrolled the roll that's next to the toilet or she's shreaded a, whole entire roll of toilet paper. She's also become a huge fan of the toilet bowl brush. The first time I saw her with it, she was putting what she could of the brush in to her mouth........another yuck!

Hannah has discovered she can climb onto things, so she's been using items around the house to help her reach things that are up higher (and I thought I had baby proofed everything.) Just the other night she climbed out of the tub. Luckily I was right there and prevented her from slipping over the edge.

It's also funny that she likes to put things into random places (she's always carrying something around the house). I've found so many things in the garbage that I had been looking for. Our most recent missing item is a shoe of hers that I've been searching for, for over a week (I just hope it didn't get thrown away!)

I have a visiting teaching companion and a visting teacher who are both pregnant. And whenever they hold Hannah she'll touch, lay her head down or cuddle with their tummies. It's just so cute because she'll lay her head down and then raise it up and then lay her head back down and 'talk' to their tummies. And she's so gentle, which is not normal for her.

In the mornings, Dan will always have yogurt first thing when he wakes up. Since Dan has been home for school break she'll walk over to him with her mouth open wanting some. It's just so funny because it's like she feels entitled to get yogurt every morning. She usually will come up to people who are eating and whine until they give her food but when it comes to yogurt she just stands there with her mouth open until you give her some. So now every morning they share a yogurt together.

Well, that's all I could think of for right now. I hope you guys enjoy the stories, even if they're not that exciting.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

This will probably be the last of our Summer fun!

We visited the Hare Krishna temple in Spanish Fork. We had heard from a friend that it was interesting and worth seeing at least once............we decided once was probably more than enough. So the top picture is of the outside of the temple. The outside is suppose to look like a lotus flower like in the picture below.

We were trying to get a picture of the Hannah and the llamas.....when they started licking her, she was not a big fan of the llamas at all.

Hannah found a friend that was just her size.

Just so you know, this isn't a real guy......just a wax figure. Kind of startling though.

We spent a day at Thanksgiving Point enjoying their $2 Tuesdays for the month of August. We were able to do Farm Country and the Museum of Ancient History for only $8!! We also stopped in at the big Cabela's store that's located in Lehi. There was this Hannah size camping chair that she really enjoyed. Hannah and I spent most of the time in where they have their big game that had been taxidermied(if that's even a word) so that she could walk and 'run' as much as she wanted and no worries that she would touch anything she wasn't suppose to.

We had lots of fun in the Museum of Ancient was nice that Hannah enjoyed it by sleeping through 95% of museum.

Daniel and Hannah saying hi to a sheep. Hannah put her fingers through the wires and got a few nibbles from the sheep.

Hannah after she got nibbled on........she didn't like the sheep after that. She cried every time we would walk by them.

We went to the Museum of People and cultures that BYU does. We had originally planned to go to the Paleontology Museum but they were filming that day.

Hannah really enjoyed the musuem!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Summer vacation

Today we went window shopping! We went to the sporting goods store and to a craft store! We stopped in to McDonald's for ice cream cones and to let Hannah play in the children play center. Today was my personal day! I went and got a manicure at one of the local beauty schools. It was so nice having time to be pampered and not to worry about anything. It's been so long since I've had a chance to go get my nails done! It was so much fun! Daniel had his personal day Wednesday, in which he went golfing. He said it was a big eye opener and that he was pretty rusty and looks forward to having more time someday to spend on his hobby.

We found this hat at the Sporting goods store.

Having a snack!

Playing at the McDonald's.

We were trying so hard to get a good picture! In this one she is chewing on a piece of's a pretty funny expression.

Hannah pulling the piece of apple out of her mouth....

This final one was taken after I had removed the piece of apple from her mouth because she was playing with it............she wasn't happy that we took her piece of apple.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

She's getting faster!!

Hannah is getting better at walking!!! It's still amazing to see her walking! You may have also noticed the red light, green light item she is holding(she carries it everywhere with her now). We got it yesterday when we went to the 'Ready to Learn' workshop that PBS and KBYU do the third Wednesday of every month. It's so much fun to get to go and learn new things about how to help your child best learn and you get free books! And I can't forget that I get to spend time with other moms! It's fun that we have a group that goes now!

Moab adventure! August 16-18th

So we decided to do a trip down to Moab during Daniel's break. We left Sunday after sacrament meeting ( Daniel had off Sunday and Monday night from work) and drove down. We camped at Archview campground which was great! We got a great deal and it was perfect for us. We had plenty of shade thanks to the tree next to us, there was restrooms with running water and showers, there was a place to do your dishes, there was a pool and we were only 5 miles from Arches National Park.
Monday, we woke up early and did Arches national park! We hiked up to Delicate arch which was about a 6 mile hike to and from the arch. After the hike we decided to drive the rest of the was pretty tiring and it was hard with a baby to hike so far. After Arches we headed back to our campsite and had lunch.......followed by a swim in the freezing cold water. We hung out for a while around the pool and then headed into town to find some ice cream to cool down. We came back and spent the night just relaxing, which was especially nice for Daniel because he hadn't a chance to just relax in a long time.
Tuesday morning we got up and broke camp. We were able to be back by 1:30 and still had time to run a few errands and get Dan back in time for work at 6!
It was kind of fun how 60-70% of the people in our campground and in the park were foreigners. We were able to hear many different languages. And we had some neighbors at the campground where the guy lounged in their tent in just a thong and his wife was topless........we were a little shocked to say the least.......! But it was an interesting experience overall! We would definitely recommend going if you hadn't had a chance!

This picture and the next three are from Delicate arch.

Balancing rock!

Top two pics are of Courthouse rock.

Hannah at the visitor center.

Hannah and me walking at the campground.

Hannah and Daddy in the tent. Hannah spent almost the entire time we were at the campground in the tent, she really enjoyed the tent this time. Second time was the charm! For those who hadn't heard about the last time we went camping back in June......she HATED the tent. And I know hate is a strong word but it's the only word to describe how strongly she felt about the tent.

Dan and Hannah setting up the tent

First picture we took of our campground!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Some fun recent pics!

It was funny to be able to catch a bug sitting on her nose.

Nice surprise face.

Hannah loves to crawl on top of Daddy.

I love the tights!