Monday, July 25, 2011

My 23rd birthday

So the morning of my birthday Dan had a job interview with Credit Suisse. Which he said went very well except for the fact that they had two internal candidates as well. Dan surprised me with some jewelry after at wonderful nap! And Dan's dad gave me a puzzle ring. And then later that night surprised me with a dinner at The Melting Pot. It was SOOOO much fun! The food was fantastic (four courses of the most delicious and fun foods I could imagine) ! And the experience was fun and I even had the best company someone could ask for! It was wonderful and I LOVED it!

My family sent me a box of delicious goodies, including different fudges, some English toffee, and lots of other good stuff!

My mother-in-law took me out to a delicious lunch at Red Lobster. Where we enjoyed a four course meal!

The Sunday after my birthday we had the whole family (minus Laurel) over for dinner and birthday cake. For dinner we grilled hamburgers, hotdogs and BBQ ribs. With lots of enjoyable side dishes. And for the cake I made a cake called hummingbird cake. It has bananas, nuts, pineapple, coconut and cinnamon. It was so enjoyable spending time with family. And I received some wonderful gifts!!! Vaughn and Becca gave me an embroidery machine that Becca's mom had given to her years ago. I was so surprised and excited. I think I said, "Oh my gosh!" At least a dozen times!!! Ben and Shalyse gave me lots of fun kitchen ware (we downsized heavily when we moved) that were wonderful and I'm excited to have my own kitchen in which to use them. And a bonus they were almost all red! Then The Parents and Josh gave me a fun Jelly Belly basket of goodies. And Dan gave me a piano music sheet book. Thank you all for making it so enjoyable!!

Hummingbird cake with dried pineapple flowers and toasted coconut on the sides. If you look to the left you can see some cupcakes I made with the left over batter. I put toasted coconut and whole pecans on top.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The 4th of July!!

This year was a very fun and enjoyable July 4th! We went camping the 1st-2nd of July up at Falls Lake with all of Dan's family that lives up here (Minus his dad, Laurel and Josh.) We had fun enjoying delicious hot dogs, brawtz, chips and watermelon. And finishing up with delicious marshmallows and s'mores. We then enjoyed an evening around the fire just chatting and having a good time. The next morning we got up and enjoyed a leisurely morning and then headed to the lake. The guys took at the kids 2yr and up to swim, while the ladies and the babies (who took naps, YAY) enjoyed chatting and relaxing. Around lunch time I realized we were by some mean ants who have bitten Bella 13 TIMES! Poor little girl, you can still see all the bites on her legs and arms. We then enjoyed some lunch and then headed home!
On the 3rd Fuquay-Varina had their firework show so Ben, Shalyse, Andrea, Josh, Hannah, Dan,Bella and I, went and enjoyed the show.
Then on the 4th the we crashed Ben and Shalyses' ward pancake breakfast. And enjoyed nice fluffy pancakes with scrambled eggs and sausage. They also had some fun crafts for the little ones so Andrea and Hannah had fun with that. Later the whole family(minus Laurel) got together for a late lunch earlier dinner. We grilled more hotdogs and brawtz, had watermelon, rainbow pasta salad, Julie's frog eye salad, and corn on the cob. For dessert we had a red, white and blue berry triffle. We enjoyed some homemade fireworks that Dan made while it rained. After it finished raining we lit up some fireworks that Vaughn an Becca had brought and some old ones we had. All the kids enjoyed playing with the sparklers. It was an enjoyable day spent with family.
On the 5th Vaughn and Becca came down again and we all went (minus Dan's dad) to the firework show that was here in Holly Springs. It had been raining and raining until about 10 min. before the show. We all stayed at the big house and had cookies until about 8:40 pm and then headed over. When we arrived at the park it was still raining but luckily it stopped 5 min. after we arrived. The rain scared off most of the people so we were able to get amazing seats and enjoyed a spectacular show with a nice cool breeze. It was a very enjoyable 4th of July, that lasted several days! Now that the holiday is over we are busy preparing for Dan's mom to arrive home tomorrow evening. ) I am sorry but our camera has died so we did not get any pics :( )