Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pictures from the last month

Sleeping nugget only a few days old.

Big Sister loves holding her.

Daddy snuggle time.

So happy to be with daddy.

Sucking her thumb during her first bath.

Hannah's always complaining that Bella  is too loud and always turns the lights on at night.  It looks like she found a solution!

At Faith's 1 month appointment she was 8lbs 14 oz!  She is growing like a weed!  She's getting the baby chunk with a double chin, fat rolls on her legs and a belly! She has enormous eyes! She looks very intense when they are open and she is alert.  She's doing pretty well with sleeping at night.  She will sleep ranging 4-6 hours at night.  She has rough days and nights here or there but overall she is a sweet baby who just wants to cuddle. We love her!

Freezer Meal Update

We have been eating freezer meals for the last month and it has been WONDERFUL!  I can't believe how much easier it has made life the last 4-5 weeks.  A few reasons why I love freezer meals:

1) I don't have to ask myself what's for dinner.  I have my meals planned out until the end of July.

2)  I can look at my meal calendar in the morning and pull it out to be thawed, or wait until right before I need to start baking it.

3)  I've only made 2-3 dinners since we've had a baby.

4) My stress level is WAY down at dinner time.  Faith usually eats around the time I need to make dinner..........all I have to do is pop it in the oven or a pot and sit back and feed her! Everyone is happier!

5) We have healthy meals that I don't have to spend hours making ( I did that weeks ago)when I'm exhausted or decided to take a longer nap that are done right on time. 

Let me give a review on the meals I made and tell which ones have been our favorites and what I would changed next time.

Chicken Chimichangas- We loved them and they tasted just as though they were fresh.
Chicken Penne Pasta-  This was one EVERYONE loved!  And it was super delicious. It turned out great.  Definitely a keeper.
Chicken Stir Fry- Another HUGE hit.  Next time though I wouldn't cook the bell peppers and freeze the broccoli when it's undercooked.
Quesadilla Casserole- Was great because it lasted for 2 meals.
PB Monster cookies- The dough never freezes into something hard which is nice for baking
Orange dream pie- A nice cold summer treat.

Chicken Chili- Yummy.  I liked it but not all the kids enjoy it
Crockpot Chicken Enchilada Soup- Next time I will take it out the night before.
Chicken Pot pie- These are nice because you just stick them in the oven completely frozen. So no thawing time.
Blueberry and peach Oatmeal- A little too sugary, I'll add less sugar next time.
Ham and Cheese Braid- Eat it all for dinner, it doesn't store well.
Sloppy Joes- Dan and I liked them....the kids not as much
Mexican Soup- Delicious.  I will just do taco soup next though because it has half the ingredients and just as good.
Biscuits- Turned out good.  We've had some for lunches and breakfasts.
Smoothies- I have loved having them ready to go. The banana did NOT freeze well and became the dominate fruit you taste.  I would just use fresh bananas next time while blending or go without.
Breakfast Burritos- I will eat 1-2 for lunch or breakfast sometimes.

Not a Hit:
Pizza- The dough didn't rise and it was raw in the middle no matter what I did. Won't be making it as a freezer meal again.
Pumpkin Blueberry French Toast - It ended up being mushy and the pumpkin just wasn't my favorite.  I will make again but with french bread slices instead of chunks and for go the pumpkin.

Haven't tried yet:
Chicken Enchilidas
Beef Chimichangas
Farmer's Breakfast Casserole
We still have 23 meals left! I am definitely doing this for our next baby! If you want my recipes email me and I can send them to you.  Any questions, let me know. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hard Day

Today has been a hard day but probably not for the reasons you would think.  I have a friend in my ward who went in for a normal OB appointment at 24 weeks to find that her baby boy didn't have a heart beat.  She was sent over to L&D to be induced. After laboring for several hours she gave birth to her beautiful, tiny, little boy.  It's so heartbreaking.  It has hit me really hard and my heartaches for her and her family.
I can't imagine having to go through hours of labor knowing your sweet child has already passed on. Enduring the physical and emotional pain. I am at a loss as how to express to her how my heart aches for her.  I have offered my condolences and have been praying for her comfort but I feel like words are so empty.  Here I am holding my sweet babe in my arms while hers are empty.  It doesn't seem fair. It has led me to hold my sweet little girl closer and thank my Father in Heaven that I have had the chance to be with her and to have her for this last month.
 Faith is one month old today.We went in for her one month appointment this morning.  It was my first time to the pediatricians office with all four kids.  I was surprised by her attitude.  We have loved having her as a Dr.  But today she seemed to have negative feelings on how close all my kids are.  She was careful not to express it openly but it was written on her face and in her comments and tone.  I wanted to tell her how blessed I am that I have all 4 of my kids with me.  There are so many parents who have lost their children or those who can't have children.
The night before I went to the hospital to have Faith, Dan gave me a priesthood blessing.  In the blessing I was told how pleased Heavenly Father was with me for providing bodies and a loving home for his beloved, special spirits.
Today is a hard day because I feel so blessed, while a friend and sister I care and love for has lost something so dear.
May we thank our Heavenly Father daily for our blessings.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Life with 4 kids

I was told after the 3rd child it's just like adding another and yes there is a little bit extra work but it's not as difficult as the first 3 are.  So far I have found that to be the case.  It was a great blessing that the second week when we had the biggest adjustment of having my mom go home and Dan going back to work she slept 5-6 hours through the night.  I was able to manage having fours kids because I was getting just barely enough sleep.  Of course once we got through that challenge of adjusting she hasn't been sleeping very well at all during the night but I can make it through each day because we got this down ;).  No, in truth I know The Lord is with me on days like Monday where I had to function on less than 5 hours of sleep but still managed to get our laundry done and the basic cleaning   around the house to make it live able.  The sleep deprivation is hard but somehow we are making it through.  I just get to have only half brain!

Yesterday we had our big outing with just me and the 4 kids.  We went to our wards play group and then were invited to go swimming at the local neighborhood pool.  We went to both.  We survived with only the minor almost drowning of Charlie.  We were all exhausted when we got back.  My one and only saving grace right now is everyday I get a nap.  That afternoon nap is the only thing that keeps me from becoming a zombie.

I attended church the Sunday after I had Faith.  I had planned on staying home and resting but woke up well rested and felt the need to go.  In a way I was ripping off the bandaid.  I knew my first Sunday back was going to be hard no matter when I went back.  And it was.  It was really hard but luckily I was able to hold it all together until I got home.  I am going to miss serving the sisters in my ward.  The love and desire to serve them is still there.  I feel like I wasn't finished yet but Heavenly Father made the decision for me in his infinite wisdom and I have to trust him and have faith. That has actually been one of the hardest emotional tolls on me since I've had my baby. 

We shall see how life is once we have a Kindergartener and we will have get up earlier to get her ready and out the door on time!  It will be easier with only 3 at home I suppose.  But the best part is, we have another beautiful daughter and we love her very much.  We feel so blessed to have her as part of our family. I'm sure I'll have more adventures to share as we go forward but for now this is all!