Friday, September 23, 2011

Three New posts:

- A Paid Vacation
- Bella turns 1 yr.
- Bella walks

A Paid Vacation!

So during Dan's second week at Fidelity Investments, he got a call from an HR lady that he had been working with from Credit Suisse. She said there was a job that had opened up that he should apply for. Dan figure, "Hey why not?" So he applied and forwarded some of his work (mind you this work was our financial spread sheets. He had taught himself VBA coding just for fun and so he could implement it.) With in 24 hours he heard back from them and they wanted to interview him the next day. Our heads were spinning. He went in and interviewed. He said the 1st interview had been great and the other two had been so-so. We enjoyed a 3 day weekend ( it was Labor day weekend.) And on Tuesday the HR lady called him and said if he hadn't heard back from anyone by the next day to give her a call. The next day she called him again and said they we going to make an offer to him and asked him for salary expectations and said she would call him the next day with a verbal offer. We were blown away when she called and made the verbal offer. They had given him what he had asked for and MORE! We were shocked! We were going to receive a 50% raise!! Dan continued to go to work for Fidelity until he got the soft copy of the offer in his e-mail and went into work the next day to give his two weeks notice. Much to our joy they sent him home and said he would continue to receive payment for those two weeks. Dan started up on Sept. 19th (his birthday.) His new title at work is Equities Product Controller and we could not be over joyed!!

We are so grateful to The Lord. He has blessed us sooo much. We had faith that he would bless us if we decided to have a family and to put our family before everything else. I have such a testimony in following the commandments and have righteous desires. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for our family!

Bella Turns ONE!!!!

It's hard to believe sometimes that my little girl just turned 1! Here's some things about Bella:

-She's a climber! She LOVES climbing on top of things and seeing how high she can go!
-She loves loves loves food! She will eat about 4-6 jars of baby food, 2-3 bowls of baby cereal, 1-2 whole bananas, lunch meat, cracker and other snacks every day! She loves food!
- Her favorite foods are: Bananas, apple sauce, Cheese, turkey meat, and mac 'n cheese.
- She has a toy basket that she carries around almost all the time. She spends a lot of her time putting things into and then carrying the basket where ever she goes.
-She loves music. She'll dance and she loves to play the piano.
-She loves shrieking and screaming. She only says one word, "Dada."
-When she wants more of something or just something in general she holds her hand out and open and closes her fist in the direction of the wanted item.
-She loves to turn pages of books or play with flaps and buttons. She points her little finger at everything!
-She loves jewelry.

For her birthday I made her a pancake in the shape of a 1 for breakfast and we had a family party about a week later (and we also celebrated my Mom-in-law's birthday). Also she received a book from my mom int the mail. Here's some pictures:

Poking the pancake with that pointer finger

Sharing birthday cake with the photographer (Grandpa :)

Sharing Birthday cake with Mommy.

Watermelon Sherbert cake!

We got a package in the Mail!!!!

Always the climber.

Bella WALKS!

Here are a few videos of her in the process of learning!

This is when she would just lunge and laugh like it was the funniest thing!

When she learned to actually walk! She still would get so excited!

This one is just showing how cute she is!

She's been walking for a few weeks now and is a pro! She loves being able to keep up with Hannah more!