Friday, December 21, 2012

Update on Bella

I realized I never posted an update on Bella's speech therapy.  After her evaluation there was a question if she might have a mild form of autism.  I guess the signs start showing up around 2 years.  And expressive language delay, lack of eye contact, and a delay in social-emotional development are some big signs. Bella had several of the signs, so we were pretty worried. But after a couple months of speech therapy Bella is starting to blossom!  She is a lot better about making eye contact.  Her social skills have improved(less hitting, pushing, and less tantrums).  And she is starting to say things like, "More cereal, Mommy!" And is overall doing better.  Having the speech therapy take place in our home has been such an amazing experience and blessing.  I've enjoyed being able to watch and learn about techniques that I can use on a daily basis to help her.  It has been so wonderful to see such a change in Bella.  She has a really hard time not using the 'd' which is why I guess it is so hard to understand her. We're working on the 'b' 'p' 'c/k' sounds. She can use those sounds but it takes a lot of effort on her part. It will be exciting to see what the new year will bring for her.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Be careful what you wish for

I have always wanted a red headed little boy.  So imagine my joy when he came out with red hair!  But one thing I did not think of, was that red heads are sensitive to so many things.  I'm suppose to be on a no dairy diet to help with little man's belly problems, to help avoid tummy aches.  But trying to go without dairy is like trying to live with out air ;)( Bryan Regan skit)  So I'll have to remember next time, be careful what you wish for.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Because this is so hard!  Everything I make regularly has milk, cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, or some other dairy product.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

4 months old

Charlie turned 4 months this last week!  He is such a fun little guy!  He's 14 lbs  so way to go little guy.  And he's pretty short making him smaller for his age!  He's not going to be a Michael Jordon :)  He received 4 vaccines which did not settle well with him.  He gets a slight fever and is just over all not a good sleeper (at least more than usual) and fussy when he gets his vaccines.  This time I was prepared and kept him dosed so it was more mild then his 2 month vaccines.  The Dr. deduced that he might have acid reflux which would account for the constant eating (because he can only eat in small increments) and a lot of his fussiness after he eats. She said solids should help with acid reflex, so good thing he is now 4 months.  We tried Charlie out on some applesauce and sweet potatoes so far. All seems to be going just fine. He's not a champ like Bella but he is doing OK.  He's interested in his hands and feet.  He's starting to grab for things around him and show some interest in toys.  When he discovered the johnny jump up he was a happy camper. He loves to play peek-a-boo, and has such a big smile. He does the huge gummy smiles!  He loves when someone talks to him or gives him attention.  He seems to be our most social baby so far.  I love when he nurses he will stop and stare at me and then give me a huge smile, coo or chortle.  Pretty darn cute.  He has these huge eyes that take everything in.  He has to be able to see me at all times.  He's a funny little dude :)