Saturday, March 27, 2010

Swimming Lessons

The class is 45 min. long and we chose the option that was just Saturday mornings. We have one more class left(there will be a total of 5 classes) in which Dan will get to be the parent for the last class. We start out singing songs and slowly getting wet and comfortable with the water, followed by spending time on the noodle(Hannah is not a big fan of the noodle) and playing a few games like, London bridge is falling down. Then the little ones get a short time to play with some water toys (like the fish Hannah is holding in the video) and free time. We spend about the last 3-5 min. jumping off the edge, as you can see from the video below, Hannah was way too cold to do anything but just sit there. It has been a lot of fun! Hannah usually likes it until about the last 10 min. when she is shivering and her lips have turned blue. The last couple of pictures of Hannah in her robe were hard to get, she was very ready to go, but we wanted to get a few pictures of her in it because she's just so darn cute. Dan and I both love her to pieces, she receives endless hugs and kisses........just as much for her benefit as ours :) Hannah enriches our lives endlessly. Having had a chance to see what parenting it like with Hannah, Dan has grown more enthusiastic for this next baby and is a lot less apprehensive about the life changes that come with a new baby (we both are:) We love you more than words can say dear Hannah.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

16 week ultrasound

I went in for my 16 week prenatal appointment and the doctor said I was measuring a little small more like 15-14 weeks and he wanted to be sure they would get the best image of the four chambers of the heart for the 20 week ultrasound. So in order to time it right, he had us go in for an early ultrasound.

It was great!! We got to see the baby and we also got a picture of the feet. It made me so happy to see the little one and made it more real for me. I had started to feel the baby the night before and then to get to go in the next morning and SEE the baby was such a blessing. It's hard to image that the baby in this picture is only 4-5 inches long!!!

The baby is measuring right where she should be!!! So we will go in on April 16th for our 20 week ultrasound!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another Picture and video post all of Hannah

Both Hannahs' 'helping' Dan work on his bike.

This was Hannah's first cat that she had ever meant and she LOVED the cat! She is a little more cautious now because right after the video ended the cat hissed and batted her hand away. She still loves to follow it around though. Just like she loves saying "Hi."

Part of our bedtime routine. She likes to hear about Jesus Christ. It makes Dan and I very happy :)

Hannah wasn't being very cooperative but it was still fun to see her chatter on.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Humpty Dumpty Day

Today has been one of those days when I wished for the whole day to finally end. The day started with a loud THUNK from me on the stairs. I slipped on a step and landed pretty hard. My body went into shock, I had to lay on the stairs for 5 min. just trying to fight the feeling to pass out which was followed by a little bit of vomiting. It was pretty scary just feeling so light headed for so long. I am very very sore but from what the doctor said, I should be fine unless I start having contractions, cramping or bleeding. I'll be going in tomorrow morning to make sure all is fine. The first thought I had when I became conscious from the fall was hoping the baby would be fine and I'm sure he/she is. I have this peaceful feeling so I know everything is fine but it will still be reassuring to hear the babies heart beat again.

Later today Hannah rolled down our cement steps out front and then a little while later feel off a toy and land on the pavement. She has some pretty good goose eggs but overall she is her happy self! And another great thing............the day is almost finally over and I can go to bed!!! What a great blessing that we are all fine! I will be fine if we never have another Humpty Dumpty Day.