Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

This year we spent Christmas in Billings, Montana with my family. My Grandpa drove up from Manti on Dec 19th. We then drove to the Salt Lake Airport early on the 20th and arrived that same day about 3 pm in the afternoon. It was so much fun getting to see all of my family!! It was the first Christmas in YEARS. We spent the week having lots of fun and lots of good food! We had a big family dinner on the 23rd and a little program. Here are a few pictures:
Carly and Tara playing the Wii.

Bella loves that thumb!

Dan and I played mary and joseph.

Hannah was suppose to be the angel but wouldn't keep on her costume.

Blare was the wiseman.

Grandma told a story about my great-great-great grandmother. She also had a poster board that I wish I had gotten a picture of.

All of us minus Joel (he's taking the picture)

My mom with all five of us kids.

My grandparents and mom.

The two cousins giving hugs goodbye. Blare kept calling her little girl and she kept following him around telling him to wait up :)It was cute they sure seems to get along pretty well. He is four and she is two,

We even had some fun out in the snow:

Hannah and Dan built a small snowman.

Throwing a snowball at didn't make it very far.

This year for gifts my family decided to do a "homemade" or DIY(Do it yourself) theme. It was lots of fun to see what everyone came up with because it showed what they were interested(Even though not all were really homemade). Grandpa gave gold dollar coins to everyone, Grandma sewed little first aid kits to fit in the cars glove box, Mom gave miniature nutcrackers and a cook book that is still in the works, Josh and Sheena gave some cool CDs that had music and other fun things that they thought we would all like (Josh loves music and it was a lot of fun to see what he choose for each person), Tara made english toffee and handmade perfume/scents that she had made, Carly gave away smore kits with th huge jumbo marshmallows, Joel gave pictures in frames and then Dan and I did aprons. I cut out, sewed and decorated 10 aprons!! It took about 3-4 weeks to complete all of them but they were a blast to make. And I was so happy that everyone seemed to enjoy them so much because I spent days planning out each one to specifically match the person. I wish I had gotten more pictures of the all the gifts but i didn't think of it until later when I was looking at them but here are the apron pictures:



Mom and Rusty

Josh and Blare ( made them with matching skull and cross bones )

Carly (Sorry about cutting off your face, I thought I had gotten all of you. Cute socks though ;)

And Santa came on Christmas before bedtime:

From santa: a princess wand and skirt ( she loves princess things) This picture always makes me want to laugh because her underwear is about to fall off :)

From santa: a dog that you can program to know your name, favorite animal, food and color. It's pretty fun.

Monkey PJs from mommy and daddy.
From grandma.
Hannah helping Bella to open her presents form santa.
A shirt from grandma. It says "don't make me call grandma!"
Girls with monkey PJs from mom and dad.

And here a few more Christmas projects I completed:

I made a carseat cover with leftover fabric I had from making aprons. It's also reversible ( thought the tan one was a little more 'manly' for a boy)

My friend Kristi Chase and I got together and made wreaths for the holidays. I wish i would have gotten a picture of was gorgeous. It was an evergreen wreath with the golden pines cones (that we gathered and then spray painted) and some red berries and a bow. it was beautiful.;l'

I tried to copy a Merry Christmas sign I saw at The Quilted Bear ( craft store here in UT) It looks a lot better in person. I was very happy with how all my projects turned out. I look forward to showing you in the up coming months some more projects I have planned!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year........

and Hannah definitely agrees. Today while we were at the Doctors having Bella's ears checked we saw Dan's uncle as we were leaving who gave Hannah some Christmas stickers and a box of crayons. That man knows his stuff (he's a wonderful pediatrician and man, I've never meant anyone as kind as him)! And she LOVES them. First thing she did was draw with the crayons, while waiting for a prescription to be filled.......she insisted on bringing one crayon in. It was cute because she was drawing all these 'pictures' of things, most just lines or scribbles that she would point to and call "Bella" or "kitty cat." The stickers she waited until she got home and here's what she did with them....................

She decorated her very own "Christmas tree".

Complete with a star on top!!!
And one unenthusiastic baby girl :)

How she came up with the idea.......I have no idea. Hannah makes me laugh ALL the time. She remembers things that you would think she would forget. She amazes me and always finds someway to make us laugh! It's hilarious how she says "Nove you." "This is for roo." "Thank you very much, mommy."She says thank you after you give her ANYTHING, even if it's not something you would really want. And I love how first thing when she wakes up she starts shouting " I AWAKE!!! I awake, Mommy! I awake daddy! I awake Bella!" Love her so much.

Friday, December 3, 2010

kisses are good medicine

This is for my record keeping so feel free to skip this post if you would like:)
The week before Thanksgiving Hannah had started waking up at night and wanted lots of snuggles. Monday night she slept 14 hours! Tuesday night (two days before thanksgiving) Hannah started having a fever. It was over 101 degrees. She was very tired that night when it was time to go to bed. We gave her some Tylenol and that seemed to help bring it down to 100 degrees. She woke up several times during the night, even more so than she had been doing previously. She was very sad and cried a great deal of the day Wednesday and we continued to dose her every 4-6 hours. By Wednesday night her fever spiked from 102 degrees that it had been during the day to 103.5 degrees. We debated on rather to call Matt or just wait. But decided it would be better to call him before 9 pm rather then wait until it was the middle of the night. He told us to switch between Motrin and Tylenol every three hours.

We had an even rougher night that night because she would wake up crying and that was about every 2 hours. Thursday morning we were all exhausted but wanted to go spend Thanksgiving with family. Hannah seemed more chipper even though her fever was staying at about 102 and her nose had begun to run. She became pretty grumpy a short while after arriving at the cabin. She wanted to be held and she was looking pretty sick. Matt took a look at her and said it looked viral but would probably be gone by Saturday. We decided to take her home. It was pretty funny because she came and sat by me and said," All done with kids." I guess she had had enough of other kids, that is not like her at all. By this point she hadn't really eaten very much the last three days. We had to make a drug stop on the way home because we had run out of childrens Motrin. She cried a lot and was very very fussy the rest of the day. Her fever again rose to be above 103 degrees. I kept giving her medicine, thinking this has got to start getting better.
Friday, she cried almost non stop the whole entire day and of course her fever was between 101-103 depending on when she had last taken some medication. She stopped eating completely and wouldn't drink anything and developed a cough. By about 8 pm she had very little urine output and it was very concentrated (it's nice when they use a potty so you can keep a better eye). I noticed she had sores, one looked like a cold sore in her mouth and the other looked like thrush. She had been crying non stop and the fever had spiked up to 103.6 degrees so I called Matt and talked to him. He came over and looked at her. We decided it would be best to put her in the hospital on an IV and so some tests could be taken. He was so kind as to offer to watch Bella for us for the night and Melissa was kind enough not to mind.
We spent 2 nights and 1 day in the hospital. It seemed like a long time. I was so glad she was on an IV because she stopped having tears and wouldn't drink anything for about 12 hours and then after that is was just a sip or bite here or there. The blood work they did said that her white blood cell count and cbc(at least I think that's what is was) were high. That poor little girl cried after they did anything to her, even just checking and cleaning her ears sent her in to hysterics. Getting the IV put in her arm, I think was one of the more traumtic experiences. I was so glad Dan was there to hold her, she fought with everything she had. After the first poke she kept crying, "I got an owie! I got an owie!" "Mommy, i want to hold you! Mommy!" It was hard but I knew it was for the best. Another really hard thing was our last night there when she woke up screaming and wouldn't take any comfort and was in a ball on her bed crying so hard. It took forever to calm her down. I know I cried during that episode. It was very exhausting because she did not sleep well at night at all. I knew she was very sick because on Saturday she spent all day sitting her in hospital bed playing with toys and watching movies. She NEVER sits still that long! The longest she will sit still is 15 min. By Sunday morning I knew she was feeling better because she wanted to be up and walking around and kept trying to leave the room to go home :) I think one of the hardest things was having Daniel at work all day and evening on Saturday, I will admit I might have been a bit of an emotional wreck through it all. Just being an over worried mom. But hey isn't that part of of the job?? It probably didn't help that I started getting sick while there :)
The test results came back Sunday evening, Matt called us on Monday and told us the results. I guess she had two viruses (maybe three ?) but she seems to be doing better. She still had a runny nose and cough but no fever and seems to be acting like her old self! She still isn't eating as much as she did before she got sick but is still eating non the less. She has two new favorite items: some chapstick she was given the hospital for her bleeding lips and a Harley Davidson monkey which she now HAS to have when she goes to bed. Two other items, we a big huge blanket that has turtles on one side and fairies on the other, and when Julie and Becca brought over dinner for us they brought a bear that has wings. Hannah LOVES putting it in Bella's car seat or the front of her bike, guess it is her new 'baby.' So a big thank you to Matt and Melissa, and Joe and Julie! You guys are awesome. We love you, and not just because you were so nice to us ;)

One of her better shots.

Bella sitting in the rocking chair beside the bed. This was taken right before she had a HUGE blow out........great timing Bella. :)

If you made it to the end, thank you for caring enough to read it all the way through! I thought of a story as I was getting ready end the post that I wanted to remember. When we first got there on Friday night one of the things they wanted a sample of was some urine. The nurse said she would prefer if we could catch it some other way because she hated giving catheters to little ones. And since Hannah is in the process of being potty trained we said we could try and catch it in a cup. We tried and told her she needed to go in the cup but at that point she hadn't urinated for about 8 hours so we decided to wait. Long story short, she didn't go in the cup and ended up just getting a bag the next afternoon. But what's so funny is just the other day I heard Hannah saying "Go pee in the cup." I was wondering what she was talking about and told her she didn't need to go pee in a cup and just using the potty was fine. Then she pulls this little medicine measuring cup( you know the ones that are on top of medicine bottles) out from between her legs and said," OK." I kept laughing and laughing! I mean it had been almost a week since the hospital and she still remembered. Surprisingly she speaks positively of her hospital stay, I guess it must have been a lot more traumatic for mom.

Two good things that came out of the hospital stay: Hannah officially potty trained herself. She now tells me whenever she has to go potty, we've only had 2 accidents since we came home and one was in the middle of the night. She now will insist on going potty before going to bed and nap time. She wakes up about every other morning with a dry diaper and goes potty almost as soon as she wakes up! And she stays dry while out or lets me know when she has to go potty. The second thing is, she finally does not need a bottle of water to go to sleep. She hated taking a bottle while she was sick and I guess that week cured her of needing it to fall asleep.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Dan also had off the whole week from school! He got all of his assignments done for Monday and they canceled classes on Tuesday ( he already had the homework done for that and had already turned it in) because of the big snow storm that was suppose to come. This storm was suppose to be one of the worst storms Utah county had seen in years. Those who live here know that did not happen, not even close. It was really nice having him here we spent the week getting ready for our big move to North Carolina in April. We went through some old boxes, did some research and have already started downsizing. So if there's anything anyone might need let us know......we might just be getting rid of that very same item :) I know the move isn't for another 5 months but we still have a lot of things that we need to downsize and it's never too early to start packing, right?

The plan this year had been for Dan to work a double of Thanksgiving day. And have our Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday. So I started buying things the week before and then about a week before Thanksgiving we got a call from Dan's aunt, Connie. She invited us to have Thanksgiving with their family ( all Dan's cousins and their kids, it's a pretty big group!) and we were very happy to spend time with them. We always have such a wonderful time whenever we spend time with them. We still did our little family Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday evening. And Thursday afternoon we went out to his aunt and uncles cabin. We enjoy both very much. Dan did work of Thursday but it ended up just being in the evening.

Here are a few pictures of our small family dinner on Wednesday night. We forgot to bring to camera on Thursday so we only have Wednesday night pics.

My china (which I had at the time we got married)and the silver plated flatware that Dan got me for our anniversary this year! I am so lucky to have a husband who knows what I like. He even spent time polishing it with me and washed all the china and flatware after dinner for me(it's nice to know he values these beautiful things as much as I do)! It is so much fun to have both. It will be nice to some day own real silver flatware!!! Someday!
The feast.

Our seven layer jello. Dan requested I put this up, he really enjoyed the process of making it and it did look pretty cool in the end. Now if only the jello hadn't been so grainy from being ruined by humidity in our last apartment......... It was good to use up the last of our jello. We have a lot of downsizing to do before April!