Saturday, March 7, 2015

Growing Faith

I can hardly believe Faith is almost 10 months old.  She'll be one before I know it. Faith is seriously such a sweetheart.  We all love and adore her.  She is always gasping with excitement.  She is pretty small for her age. She loves people and is very observant. She's a pretty good eater.  We recently have started to wean her to a hypoallergenic formula to help with her extreme eczema, and it really seems to be helping her.  She's become a much happier baby who is finally sleeping through the night!  She has been sleeping through the night for several weeks now and my brain and body are finally starting to revert back to somewhat normal.  She has the cutest little pigtails that curl under. She has taken an interest in walking but will only walk if she's holding on to something.  She is a fun little girl.  She brings happiness to me everyday.  I thank Heavenly Father for her everyday.  She is a blessing in our lives.

We had to lower the crib because she couldn't get herself back down when she would stand up.  Now she can hardly see over the top :).

Holding onto Daddy's hand and walking.
 In her newly lowered crib.  She loves to jump!!!