Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Day in Salt Lake

Our day started at 6:30 am. We were on the road by 7:30 and arrived at Primary's Children Medical Center in Salt Lake City around 8:40 am. After the doctor examined Hannah she decided we would do three sets of allergerian testing. Hannah did great with having her blood pressure taken, having her ears checked, weight and all the other basics. She didn't cry when her back was pricked. The only time she whined was when I wouldn't let her itch her back. Here is a picture of her back:

The two spots that are very red under the A and C are the histamine and the rest are just the pricks from the needles. That's right, no positives! They all came back negative, Hannah is not allergic to anything she was tested for.

We then headed to the Hogle Zoo. Every last Wednesday of the month between Nov.-Feb. is Wild Wednesday and is free! We enjoyed seeing all the animals but I would not go during the winter if I had to spend money. 1/3 of the zoo was shut down for construction and another 1/3 was off display because the animals could not stand the cold. But overall the experience was worth the 2 hours we spent there.

After the zoo and a quick lunch, we decided to make a last trip to Temple Square. We've been to Temple square several times during the last 2 years but have never had a chance to visit the Church History Museum for one reason or another. That is why we decided to go to the museum first. We had SOOO much fun! We spent over 2 hours in the museum! They had HUGE blocks, Nephi's boat that you could go 'fishing' off of, they a room that was a kitchen that had a table, stove and oven, a garden(with wooden vegatables you could pull out of the ground), stuffed toy hens that were in a hen house that you could collect eggs from, and many, many more thing! It was a lot of fun!!!! They even had a place where you could dress up and learn to dance!! Here is some pictures of us all dress up:

And here's a video of Hannah dancing a little bit. They had screens with people who would show you how to dance and a mirror behind you.

They had a machine where you could draw a picture and then it would play on a big screen in front of you. You could also e-mail it to yourself. I helped Hannah draw this! I wish I could explain better the device that shows the picture you draw, all I can say is it was very cool.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Fruity Preschool

So to share the fun from last week!!! I hope you don't mind Kristi but I really liked how you blogged about last week so I'm going to steal your words :)

This week for "toddler time" the theme was "I Can Eat Healthy Fruits."

Book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

To the tune of The Itsy Bitsy Spider:
The Fuzzy Little Caterpillar lay down on a leaf
Around wrapped the cocoon and he fell asleep
He dreamt he could fly
And when he woke up
the fuzzy little caterpillar was a butterfly

Fruit Salad by the Wiggles

Five Fruits and Vegetable a Day by Geof Johnson

Nursery Lesson: Lehi's dream (1 Nephi 8); tie a bunch of scarfs together and tie one of each end to a different chair, have the toddler pretend he is asleep, then walk them through the dream, as a special extra place a small piece of fruit on the chair at the end of the "rod of iron."

Games: sock basketball (empty laundry basket and a handful of socks, easy), fruit find (print off pictures of fruit and hid them in the living room and have the toddler find them)

Crafts: A Rainbow of Fruits (have the toddler color a piece of white paper with the different colors of the rainbow (ROYGBV) use old magazines or grocery store ads to find fruits of every color, glue them on the paper),

Fruit Faces,

Fruit Pizza

Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Chips, we had the kids "help" cut up the fruit.

For the fruit pizza, we let the toddlers top huge sugar cookies. And then we enjoyed eating them :)

For the fruit salsa the toddlers had fun cutting up (and eating about 40%) the fruit.

The finished product! It was SOOO delicious.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentine's 2011

I have the sweetest husband and am so grateful for him. He surprised with two wonderful presents:

Box of Godiva chocolates(didn't last 30 min :) and some beautiful jewelry. He spent some time researching and trying to sneakily figure out what I like ( I had no idea what he was up to:)

He also took me out dress shopping. I haven't bought a new dress (not counting maternity) since we got married. I will admit, it was FRUSTRATING! It was so hard trying to find something modest that was my age (meaning not too young for a mom of two but still something a 22 yr old would wear) it took two days. I really appreciated him being so patient and not complaining WHILE going shopping! What more could a girl ask for?

My gift was less exciting but he loved it! I was very glad because it is VERY hard to first, surprise him and then second, find exactly what he would like. But this time, I was right on the mark. He has these magazines to cheaperthandirt (a company that sells military surplus) and mentioned how he wanted ear muffs that you wear while shooting that block loud noises but let you still hear people talking (Cool right?). And I saw this sticky note on his night stand that he mentioned were ammo he wanted to buy. It was pretty convenient for me and he didn't even see it coming :) Great gift right? Ammo and ear muffs.

We went on a date on the 15th instead of the 14th. Our great neighbors and friends, the Chases' watched our girls for us. Dan kept the activity a surprise until we arrived. It was fun trying to guess and anticipate. But he surprised me with great tickets to a play at BYU called, Circo Aereo. It was lots of fun because they did different circus acts like : A girl climbed a rope while putting on articles of clothing, different juggling acts, and many other fascinating acts. We then were able to go to Olive Garden thanks to a gift card we had been saving. It was a very fun night. It was funny because we arrived at the theater early and after we found our sits, I asked Dan how much time we had until it started. And when he said 20 min. I started to groan until I realized........NO KIDS to keep entertained for those 20 min. I could just seat there and do absolutely nothing! It was heaven. We did spend the time talking but no singing of Hannah's favorite songs :)

Overall it was just a fun excuse to enjoy each others company and to take a little extra time to think of the other person and show that we loved them. I enjoyed being showered with gifts, it reminded me that behind all of my motherly exterior there is a woman who needs to be pampered every once in a while and it gave me a chance to appreciate my sweetheart even more :)

The two of us before we left on our date (Thank you Kristi and Joe for watching our kids AND Kristi for taking the picture) And I'm in my new dress next to my handsome husband that I love:)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Dream of a 15 yr old

So when I was 15 I had this dream. I wanted to design wedding dresses and other formal wear. Maybe even own a store where I would sell these dresses and maybe flowers and wedding invitations. I had this big idea of what I wanted to do. I would spend hours looking at beautifully modest, ldsprom , eternity and other modest dress websites. I was pretty excited about it and even went so far as to print out several designs i loved and what I loved about them. One day I found this gorgeous dress....................... and fell in love :)

Look familiar? Well here's the reason why........

It was my wedding dress!

So I obviously didn't become a wedding dress designer but I did get the only dress that I still fall in love with every time I see it. And I got to wear it on the day of my wedding the best day of my life.
So the reason I made this post is because I have a dilemma. We are moving and we are downsizing and I still have the dress. So my choices are, try to sell it for a fraction of what it's worth or keep it and have it reserved and then store it. I've already worn the dress on the day it was meant for and I don't even know if my daughters will every want to use it but then again it was a dress I fell in love with long before now and the day I wore that dress was the most memorable day(So I guess it comes down to sentimentality). What do you think (all my family and friends)? I have about 4 weeks to decide because by then I need to either sell it or pack it away to make the move with us into the next phase of our lives.

Friday, February 4, 2011


So last week my friend, Kristi and I started our preschool for our two toddlers!!! It has been so much fun and we still have lots more planned!! I have preschool at my house twice a week and then Kristi will do two days at her house and then we do a library (aka. storytime) day and going to the park(we've been going to the mall play area they have since it became cold). We've been doing story time for a while and had talked about starting a preschool but we didn't actually start planning until the new year. I wish I could show you all the fun things we have planned!! So far we have completed 2 weeks and both, Davey and Hannah, love it! Last week we learned about our bodies. We read, "From Head to Toe" by Eric Carle. We start off with sings songs (Hokey pokey, head shoulders knees and toes, etc), doing fun activities involving music from an old nursery CD, playing music instruments (we only do this on the two days we go to Kristi's house because she's the one who has the music instruments) and getting out all of our wiggles. They then sit on their mats while we have a short spiritual lesson(last week it was about how we have a body just like Heavenly Father),read the weekly book and then have a game of some sort. We then let them have free time to play together and then have lunch. Finishing with an activity or craft of some sort that has to do with the week theme. Last week we made goggles for eyes, hand puppets, and feet painting!

This week we learned about brushing your teeth! It was funny because when we originally planned out which week would be what we didn't know that February is Healthy teeth month! What a great way to start the month right?
We learned that because Heavenly Father gave us our bodies it was important to take care of them. And the book we read was "Taking care of your teeth." (I can not remember the author) We learned about flossing out teeth. Kristi used a milk jug to cut out a face with teeth so the toddlers could practice flossing. So awesome. For the activities this week we painting with tooth brushes, cut smiles out of magazines to make collages, 'brushed' teeth by using white paint as toothpaste to brush a smile, and made Dental kits, which included: homemade toothpaste, tooth brush, and floss. They are both such a joy to have around. I've noticed that Hannah's behavior has gotten better because she becomes less bored and doesn't get into things as much. And sitting still isn't as hard for her as it use to be.
Next week we learn about Valentine's!!

Here are some pictures:

Signing a song about brushing teeth.

Playing musical instruments.

Learning about colors.

Choosing items to put under the right color.

The jug face!! We should have named him!

The toddlers using string to practice flossing.

The book for the week.

Davey giving a silly face! He wasn't very keen on using white for painting. He was wondering why we were trying to trick him ;)

Brushing teeth :)

Making the toothpaste.

You use baking soda, salt, flavoring(extract), and water.
Here we are measuring out the ingredients.

Hannah choose raspberry. Davey choose cherry.

This is how is looks after you add the extract.

After you add the water.

The two very proud toddlers with their finished product.
And just a side note......Hannah is NOT naked. lol.