Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Life in Febuary

Dan started a neighborhood garden and was able to get help from several others who are part of the garden to spend a Saturday getting dirt from a local landfill.  He's spent several hours planning, building raised beds and purchasing supplies.  We're hoping for it to be a big success since this will be the first year that we will have other participants.

Before the dirt :)


Filled, or at least a few, they have to finish filling the rest.  Dan's hoping to put 6 raised beds in every year.

On Valentine's Day Dan went and ran the Krispy Kreme Challenge.  You run 2 1/2 miles then eat a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts and then you run another 2 1/2 miles.

This week was a week of no school.  A week of snow or maybe I should say ice days!  Monday was an early release day and then the kids had off the rest of week.  Monday I spent a big part of the day doing laundry and getting ready in case we lost power (it was also our grocery day.)  We spent the first day enjoying playing in the snow with Dan working from home.  Wednesday was a day of cleaning, Thursday we were all starting to get cabin fever and then yesterday, Friday, we had a super lazy day of movies and relaxing.
Thursday evening we were able to go to an Apostle Devotional for couples with Elder Todd Christofferson.  We carpooled with Ben, Shalyse and Becca.  We drove up the Raleigh Stake Center (we are in the Apex Stake Center) and enjoyed the devotional.  It was FANTASTIC!  The parking lot was crazy though, they had two rows of cars parked perpendicular from the cars that were in actually parking spots.  It took 30 min for us to escape the parking lot and then we drove over to The Cheesecake Factory and enjoyed good food and good company.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Our Home 2015

At the beginner of every year I have done a post about our home and the changes we've made the previous year.  It's always fun for me to see the changes of the house has undergone because I forget how much change has taken place!

Here's the posts from:




Now for the 2015 post:
I was very excited when we bought this.  I still need to purchase several more baskets, we're going one pay check at a time :) I also can't wait to work on that whole space!

Hasn't changed (except for the cute baby :)!

Loving it!  We now use this table every Sunday for a special Sunday dinner with the kids.  They feel so special :)

I have curtains!!!  Dan received a Target gift card from his work which bought me some curtains!!

Charlie's new room lay out.

Aren't they cute?

We painted the kids bathroom and hallway last month.  It is finally complete!

Still loving the towel hangers :)
We moved the crib for Faith into the office.  She's finally started to sleep better at night.  As soon as she's officially sleeping through the night for over a week we will move her in with Charlie.

The girl's have a bunk bed now!  This will come in handy with the next baby :)

I finally convinced Dan to try framing a bathroom mirror.  I love it!  We're hoping to frame the kids bathroom mirror next.  We still have to paint our bathroom.  We are thinking about doing a smaller remodel.  I keep you updated as we make our plans a reality.
We're hoping to add wood floors in the dining room, entry way, the office and living room in the next 2-3 years. We're also going to tile all the bathrooms and the kitchen and nook.  And put in granite counter tops.  I also would love to do a small remodel on the whole kitchen......but that's just dreaming big :).  We LOVE our home and are so happy and feel blessed. We will be very sad when we need to sell this home.  Another year has gone by!!

Friday, February 6, 2015

These Feet Were Made For Walking.....

Faith wants to walk sooo bad but she still doesn't have the balance.  She pulls her self up onto EVERYTHING, especially my pant leg....which can be annoying (but adorable) while I'm trying to make dinner, clean or really do anything standing up.  We borrowed a walking toy from Ben and Shalyse which Faith enjoys because she can really get some distance when she's behind that thing.  She's hilarious! She also makes this gasping sound when she's exciting but always has us wondering if she can breath.  She also loves to rub things between her thumb and index finger when she nurses.  It always makes laugh when she's even doing it in her sleep!  She still seems pretty small for her age but we'll see how she's growing at her 9 month (yes, she really is almost 9 MONTHS!!  It's crazy!) appointment at the end of the month. 
We usually shower with her at night but recently have decided to start putting her today bed earlier and I decided to give her a bath!  She was SOOOO sad at first but when she realized it could be fun she had a blast!Here's some fun pictures and videos:

Fun with Charlie

I really enjoy the time I get to spend with Charlie while the two older girls are at school and Faith is taking her morning nap. Yesterday I remembered to take some pictures of the fun!  We made granola bars, chocolate covered bananas and wheat bread. We have some older old fashion oats that we make into granola bars for Hannah's school snack and we sneak a few for ourselves. The chocolate covered peanut butter and bananas is a 'healthy' sweet snack that I've been eating instead of candy bars in the evening.  And of course we have to have some yummy homemade wheat bread!

Making the granola to bake for the bars.

Pressing the marshmallows and chocolate chips into the bars.
After we baked the granola, made the syrup, mixed the granola, rice cereal and syrup together.  Patting the chocolate chips and marshmallows in for the smores bars
Frozen banana bites with peanut butter.  Ready for dipping!

Stirring the melted chocolate.
Good helper!  Holding the dipped bananas while the chocolate solidifies.

Enjoy a much deserved treat! :)

We made a visit to the local children's museum in downtown Raleigh with our cousins last week!  We had a blast and it made for fun day!