Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Daniel Charles Clayton

I love my little baby boy.  I absolutely adore him.  And as I was pondering on how much I adored him, I realized why.  Because I love his daddy!  I absolutely adore his daddy.  Every time I look into my baby's face I see his daddy!  He looks so much like him.  I love how my baby has his daddy's ears!  I love how he gets a lopsided grin just like his daddy.  I love how his looks at me with so much love and that I am his whole world, just like his daddy.  I love how his happy, smiling face makes everything better, just like his daddy.  I love both of my Daniel Clayton's. 

I had a terrible,horrible feeling when I was up feeding my baby one morning about 1 month ago.  This terrible, horrible feeling came over me that something bad was going to happen to Dan and I was terrified.  I was up for over an hour feeling like I could hardly breathe with the prospective of something happening to him and not being able to share everyday with him.  When he got ready to leave for work I was absolutely terrified, I was choking on my fear.  I felt this overwhelming feeling to go to him and ask him not to leave.  To my relief, Dan listened to me worked from home that morning and I was able to breathe again.  Since that day I have had a new appreciation for him and all that his does.  He does sweet and simple things like letting me sleep in on Sunday mornings and bringing breakfast to me in bed. He is such a great dad!  He loves to tell the girls stories, to read to them, tease them and play with them.  The girls go running to the garage door as soon as they hear the door opening.  Dan makes everything better and has given me three beautiful children that I am so grateful for. He is such a good man.  And I am so glad that no matter what happens we will be together for all eternity. 

As for my little baby boy, I love him so much!  And can't believe how fast he is growing! He will be 4 months at the end of the month! He has started to reach out to grab things.  He rolled over from his back to his belly twice yesterday (this might just have been a fluke).  He has the biggest smile and loves to be social! I put him in front of the mirror last month and he gave his reflection the biggest smile and began to coo and 'talk' to the other baby.  And he LOVES to cuddle!  This little guy is such a cuddly little guy and eats all the time!  And I'm not sure if it's all little boys but this little boy still fills at least 3 diapers a day and I'm not talking about wet ones ;)   I love how his eyes follow me and that I'm the center of his world, at least for now :)  I sure love these two guys in my life.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Removing Hannah's Stitches

Yesterday Hannah had her stitches removed.  You would think it would be simple and easy enough, right?  Surely it wouldn't be as bad as getting them in.  I followed the Dr. orders and returned on Saturday.  And an Urgent Care on a Saturday is a busy day!  We waited in the waiting room for over and hour. Then spent another hour waiting in the patient room.  The Dr. was a young guy, who I'm pretty sure knew nothing about kids and was not happy when Hannah starting freaking out when he pulled on her stitches with the tweezers and then cut her lip with the scissors instead of the stitches.  She freaked out and would not calm down and started to squirm.  I was holding Charlie, who was very sad at this point too.  After trying to get the stitches, the Dr. said we should let her calm down first. The nurse who he had brought in to help did not do a good job of holding her arms.  It was just a disaster.  So we waited and waited, while Hannah cried.  Finally he came back in and she started screaming when she saw him.  So finally I asked if there was a way to wrap her arms up so we could just get the whole ordeal over with.  So they brought in the thing and strapped her into it.  She was NOT a happy camper.  She screamed and cried but we got the stitches out in less then 5 min.  Maybe the Dr. and nurses thought I was mean to suggest strapping her down but I did not want to keep sitting there and having the whole experience last longer than it had too.  The Dr. was VERY glad once it was all over and was very adamant that if we had and questions or concerns to follow up with her Pediatrician.  Hey,  I would have taken her to her Pediatrician if they had answered their phones!  Either way it was a terrible experience that ended up being more traumatizing then getting the stitches put in thanks to the Dr. who was rude and had no empathy.  I wish we could have gotten the same Dr. that we had who put them in.  I really liked her and so did Hannah.  She was very encouraging and the crying was pretty minimal, where after getting the stitches out it took me a good 20-30 min to calm Hannah down. Overall I spent all morning and good part my afternoon in an urgent care.  I left feeling drained and not wanting to ever go back there.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

This year we had a very busy Halloween! Friday, Oct. 26th we went and did trick-or-treating downtown on Main here in Fuquay and also went to the 'Not So Scary' story time that included face painting, painting tangerines into pumpkins and some coloring.  Bella got to have her picture taken with the Librarian who was also a witch, and we had to sign a release form so they can use it if they want. The girls had lots of fun and it was fun to be out as a family.
 Monday, Oct. 29th, we carved a big pumpkin as a family for FHE.
Tuesday, Oct. 30th was suppose to be Hannah's preschool Halloween party.  I am in charge of teaching this week and next.  About 15 min into preschool, Hannah fell and bit through her lip sending us to the local Urgent care to get stitches and some antibiotics.  She bit through the front of her lip and her bottom teeth scrapped the bottom of the inside of her lip pretty bad.  Hannah was able to sport stitches for the ward Trunk-or-treat that was that night and then on the night of Halloween.
 Last night we went out for 2 hours and scored TONS of candy!  I guess our neighborhood is where it's at to go trick-or-treating, at least according to our ward. The girls scored full size candy bars and we ended up with over 2 lbs. of candy with about 80% being chocolate.  And I guess someone was also giving out money somewhere in the neighborhood!  Crazy!
 Today we had our Preschool Halloween party.  We cut out, baked and decorated cookies.  Painted bats made out of egg cartons.  Made spiders out of suckers.  And had fun coloring some fun pages.
It has been a busy and fun holiday! 

Bella woke up Sunday morning with a black eye.  So she was sporting a black eye for Halloween.  Tons of fun over here!

Love this little monkey!

Inside of her mouth.  It was pretty beat up.
Outside stitches.  It was not a fun experience.  They had to hold her still while they injected a big needle full of numbing stuff into her lip.  It started to bleed tons again as well.