Monday, December 28, 2009

Late Christmas present

So if you haven't heard or guessed by now, I'm pregnant! It was a great Christmas present and we are very excited. It will make doing an internship and the family reunion that's in August a little tricky but The Lord knows what he's doing. We are just hoping this will be an easier pregnancy......anyways, we are very excited for such a great blessing. Merry Christmas!!!

I took three pregnancy tests just to be sure!!! The last one was on Christmas day. You can see the line gets a little darker with each test. These pregnancy tests are another reason I love the dollar store.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!!!! We were thinking of you all!!!

It was fun dressing Hannah up for Christmas. The onesie was pretty big on her ( I think it's like size 24 months) but she was still pretty cute.

We let her choose one gift to open on Christmas Eve. She had a hard time can see a little video we took of it below.

In the end she chose the gift from grandma. As soon as she had the baby unwrapped she picked it up and headed right to the rocking chair.

Hannah was just as excited about the gift that was inside, as Dan was! ( It was a dart gun)

I opened the gift from The Pierces, and got an awesome movie!! ( as you can see Hannah was enjoying the darts from Dan's gun from the above pic)

Hannah's pile. Thank you D.I. (Santa), the dollar store (Mom and Dad), Dot and Jay, and Ben and Shalyse, and Grandma!!!

Mom and Dad's piles.

Hannah spent a good full minute just staring at her pile.......I guess she learned her lesson too well, she didn't want to touch the presents.

The dog we got from D.I. is pretty cool because it barks, wags it tail and follows you around. Hannah loves it!

I wanted to put up more pics of Dan, but he asked me not to. :)

So I opened my present from Dan, and all I could find was rolls of old film. But when I looked deeper I found a note. The note led me on a fun treasure hunt.

First, under the star on the tree.

Second, the noise maker in Hannah's room.

Under the wreath on the door.

And to a DVD case, that had the last glue that led to the 'Secret doors of Christmas.' Dan did a really good job! It was SO much fun.

The Secret Doors of Christmas. Excuse the tongue.....I was trying to solve a math problem from the last clue so i would know which door to open. My math skills and all my thinking skills have been a little off lately.

And the doors of Christmas led me to a wrapped present which turned out to be a red Kitchen Aid.................I was SO ecstatic!!! Dan couldn't have chosen a better gift.

I had to get a picture of it in it's new home......I find myself stopping to look at it every time I'm in the kitchen :) Thank you so much, my dear sweetheart! You spoil me all the time ( and I don't just mean materially) I love you! And thank you, Will and Jodi for letting us use your Sam's club membership card!

Here's the fun video. At first she choose the one gift but then decided to change her mind. As you all know she went for the baby doll, in the end!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Videos of Hannah

I have gotten a couple of requests of some videos of Hannah, so here are they are :)

She got the phone from the play kitchen that we bought at D.I. for part of her Christmas.

Hannah signing 'more' and 'please'. We're working on blowing kisses.

This is another D.I. Christmas present that she LOVES.

Hannah loves to dance. She'll dance whenever she hears music. We went to go see a movie a couple of nights ago and Hannah danced through the whole closing credits. People stopped to watch and take little videos on their phones. She really enjoyed it. She also walks around on her tip toes all the time....... She's a little dancer in the making ;)

Recent project

This was a project that I thought of when I saw this plain gold wreath at D.I. I looked at different places and was able to find some red berries at the dollar store! I was so happy........$5 dollars for a project that took all of 5 min. and that I will keep for a long time. I have gotten so many compliments! You have got to love the D.I. and the Dollar Tree!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fun with hannah

So, I have a new hair cut. It is really nice and pretty easy to take care of.

Hannah has 4 teeth that are coming in right now! Soon she'll have 9 teeth.......I'm just glad I'm not breastfeeding anymore ;)

I have to laugh when I see this picture. She's wearing a snowsuit that's for a 6 month old but will work for right now. It's so funny to see her in it because she looks like a big pink marshmallow!

Thank you, Shalyse. I love the long overalls!

It's great because this playground is pretty much in our 'backyard'. It will be nice once it becomes warm again.

She loved riding the seal. I had to keep a close eye because she is to little to reach ground.

I had to take a picture when I found her like this one afternoon.

This is her water bottle that she likes to keep snacks in for later. We find crackers, pieces of bread and candy canes in pockets of coats, jackets, pants, shoes, and anything that she can fit them in to store for a later time. What a funny girl.

This is how she talks on the 'phone' (you might notice how it's backwards). She loves plastic phones, she'll walk around the house having conversations.

When we brought the shelf home from DI we had to take out the shelves. When we got home, Hannah brought toys and snacks and sat in the shelf.

Getting ready to eat. She has become a very picky eater. I have seriously tried to prevent this by giving her just the things she doesn't like. She'll try them and then just spit them out and make the 'more' sign. She won't eat very many veggies and is very particular about which crackers she wants. What am I to do??

She also drew on the wall with a pen the other day. How in the world did she think of such a thing........isn't she suppose to be too little to think of such naughty things??

For those who haven't heard, we've been called to the nursery in our new ward. It was amazing because it was the same Sunday our records got called about FAST. I think it will be great for Hannah, because she is not very good about holding still and loves to explore. We are very excited!!! The nursery has 35 kids but only about 20 come every Sunday. They are thinking about splitting the older kids from the younger ones. We'll see!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another update

We were so happy that we were able to get moved into our new place a week before Thanksgiving so we could enjoy it with some friends. The plan had been to rent a truck (because no one seemed to know anyone who had a truck) and then move everything on a Saturday. But as it turned out our Bishop had just barely bought a truck that we were able to use! And he was going to be in Provo going to the temple on that Tuesday. We were very excited that we wouldn't have to rent a truck but knew that if we moved during the week everyone would be working or in classes ( the down side to living in a student ward). We decided to go a head anyways! And it was hard but we were overjoyed to have it done so quick. We had our friends' the Chases' over on Thanksgiving day. We split the making of the dinner in half so it was a lot easier on everyone!!! Here is some pictures of our thanksgiving table and of our old and new place!!!

I was excited to get to use the china for the first time!!


It was amazing that every little thing made the place look cluttered but we made due........I will always look back with fond memories!

It was funny when we had to get a running start to jump onto the bed. But it was great storage.


This is the downstairs bathroom.

That's the back door that leads right to a small playground.

Here's the pantry. It continues underneath the stairs.

I'm sorry but I ran out of time to take pictures of the upstairs bathroom and master bedroom. But here's a quick picture of the doors that lead to those rooms.

We are so grateful for this wonderful blessing and never cease to thank our Heavenly Father. And if anyone ever wants to come visit, we actually will have room for you!!