Sunday, January 30, 2011

5 months old

Woot! Woot! Go Bella! This little girl is growing, growing, growing! She becomes very excited when anything comes close to her mouth! She's at that stage where EVERYTHING goes straight to the mouth. She is also very grabby. The other night we were feeding her some peas and Dan was getting ready to have some applesauce which he had placed in a cup. I started to make the joke that he left his applesauce in the line of fire when Bella stuck a little, fat fist right into the middle of the cup of applesauce. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw Dan's face. She loves giving smiles but still is hard to get a giggle/laugh out of. She is fascinated by her older sister and all that she does. I can't stop kissing her fat rolls and huge cheeks! She is rolling all over the place these days. She doesn't like being on her belly but the first thing she does is roll over on to her tummy once she's on her back. Luckily she's not like Hannah and doesn't seem to be thinking about crawling yet, and mommy definitely appreciates it! She is still in 0-3 month clothing, she can fit into some 3-6 month clothes. It puzzles me!

Giggling Bella.

Bella LOVED reading this book. She kept wanting me to turn the page. I was surprised, I thought she would just want to eat it but no, she was actually interested in what it was about :) She is getting so big.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our little Forray Into Science

So for years now we've been meaning to test whether those fancy bottled waters at the store that cost so much are actually that much better than the cheapy bottles, or even tap water. We finally got bored enough this week to turn our curiosity into science!

We purchased the following bottles of water: Fiji, Evian, Smart Water, and Nestle Pure Life. For the test, we also placed tap water into a plastic cup, and chilled it in the fridge along with the bottles of water so that all would be cold, and would potentially have the same plasticy taste. The costs for each type of water at Walmart are as follows (Listed as cost per liter):

Fiji $2.28

Evian $2.33

Smart Water $1.97

Nestle Pure Life $0.29

Tap Water $0.0001

My hypothesis was that the premium waters (Evian, Fiji, Smart Water) would all taste better, which would actually explain why people are willing to spend so much more for a particular water than seems logical. After testing, I find it safe to refuse to reject this hypothesis, although it does need some revision, seeing as there was one exception to the expensive water = good water conclusion.

1) All waters were chilled in the fridge to have a uniform temperature
2) Five scotch glasses, all of the exact same size and make were procured, along with straws, also of equal length
3) The waters were all dispensed into the glasses
4) A box was placed between the glasses and the bottles such that the test taker could not see which type of water corresponded with which glass
5) The test taker then sampled each glass and gave his/her opinion about what type of water the glass contained, and also ordered the waters from 1-5, 1 being the most desirable, 5 being the least

The results were interesting.

So from the results alone we can deduce two things: Katy has more refined taste buds than I do, and Smart Water is actually pretty gross. I think the problem with it is that it has too much of a slightly bitter aftertaste.

It was also interesting that Katy found the two most expensive waters to be the best-- I suppose her tastes are not only more refined, but also much more expensive than my own.

This biggest thing that I was looking for in my water was a lack of that "plasticy" taste that so many bottled waters seem to have. I had thought that the tap water would be the best in this regard, but after spending 24 hours in a plastic hospital cup, it tasted just as plastic as the others. I still defend the good Utah tap water by saying that if it were to be stored in a glass bottle rather than plastic, it probably would have tasted better.

Expensive water does taste better, but does it really taste better to the tune of 7-8 times the cost of cheaper bottled water, or about 20,000 times the price of tap water (granted this doesn't include the cost of a decent bottle to keep your water in).

One very decisive conclusion that we arrived at was that buying smart water is decidedly stupid. Not only is it rather expensive, but it scored either last or just before last on both of our tests of desirability. So no offense to anyone who's die hard about Smart Water, but that stuff is gross, and expensive too!

Perhaps the best conclusion about bottles of water actually comes from the bottles themselves. The Evian bottle is pretty and feels much more ergonomic in your hand. The Smart Water bottle has the flip top squeeze opening. The Fiji bottle is rectangular, which is pretty novel in a world of otherwise round bottles. If I had to guess the biggest reason, aside from advertising built brand names, that people will spend lots of money on fancy bottles of water, it is because the bottles are just that: fancy!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What we've been up too

So here's what's been going on with our family lately:

DAN is enjoying his work as a manager at Cinemark and is working full time while he finishes up his last 6 credits here at BYU! It's really nice because he only has one scheduled class on Mondays and Wednesdays and then for the second class it is an internship of sorts where he works with a group to complete projects given to them by a real company ( I wish I could remember the name of the company, Dan's team is with. I will try and post that at some later date) who have selected them individually. And they meet about once a week whenever they can get everyone together. We don't get to see very much of him Thursday-Saturday but then get him all day Sunday and then Monday-Wednesday evening.
He has almost completed his Law school applications, we're just waiting for everything that's been mailed to arrive and be processed. We have several schools in North Carolina (and maybe one in West Virginia that we are looking at) we probably won't know until March maybe even April is we will be doing law school or looking for a job. The biggest factor for law school will be scholarships. If we can get great scholarships then he will start law school in the fall......if he doesn't then he will look for a job and after a few years of experience in the work force he will return to get his MBA. Either way he is excited to be finishing his Business degree here at the Marriott school in April.

KATY is going to become a nanny again starting this next Monday. I will be watching our neighbor's little girl (who is 2 like Hannah and they are also friends) while she's in class Monday-Friday. I really enjoy being a mom and look forward to the next couple of weeks while I start a preschool program with my friend and neighbor Kristi for our toddlers! I also will be working on some more sewing projects in the next few months.

HANNAH is a whirl wind of activity and loves spending time with friends, reading books, watching princess movies, dancing and exploring. Hannah is a great sleeper and is potty trained YEAH! She still wets the bed a night time though so night time potty training isn't going to be happening any time soon. She is full of energy and giggles. She is back to using a bottle of water at bed time.......guess I'll have to find someway to break that habit. And she loves being a big sister and sometimes is too good of helper when i find a naked Bella who has peed on the carpet.

BELLA is such a joy and brings all three of us such happiness. She gives lots of smiles and loves to snuggle and cuddle. She is a very content and easy going baby. This week sleep has been an issue for us but hopefully that will soon pass. Everyday she gets bigger and grows up more. So far her favorite solid food is sweet potatoes. She practically inhales them.

So I wasn't sure rather to count the bang trim Hannah got back in August or the actual 2 inches i cut off this last month. Either way one of these is her first hair cut. Hannah has been asking for a hair cut, why? I wish i knew. So I cut of about 2 in. to make the hair even, she's already grown about an inch back. Here are the pictures:

So this BEFORE bang trim back in August.

AFTER bang trim.

BEFORE cutting of two inches.

AFTER the haircut. I really liked it after because it looked like she had MORE hair after the hair cut than before. I tried to get some front shots but Hannah just wanted to show the hair and wasn't going to turn around, and it was a battle I wasn't willing to fight :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

My Home

So this year when the new year rolled I made up lots of excuses why I shouldn't make any new years resolutions. Then about a week later I got an email from ( awesome website that has crafts, recipes and lots of other household related things, I LOVE IT!) titled 'How to Drink an Apple Pie." I was intrigued so I clicked on the e-mail to read it in more detail and under a couple of other subjects there was one about becoming organized. And it hit me.......that was my New years resolution for this year. To become organized (being disorganized was the exact reason why I decided NOT to make any resolutions.) I love to plan but being organized.........NOT my thing. I am almost completely UNorganized. The article was about a household binder. Brilliant, I thought! I decided this year I am going to have my very own household planner to help me become more organized. But knowing myself, I've decided to take it slow and do one section at a time. I knew if I jumped head in, I would probably become overwhelmed and not complete ANYTHING. After much thought, I decided to start with the CLEANING section first. I came to this conclusion because cleaning is what always falls behind and it seems like I can never keep up with it (Plus it will be a great way to prepare for the up coming move.) So I started to read some of the websites she had gotten her ideas for cleaning from and the one that really stuck out to me was I really liked how she had zones for the house. After that my own plan to take form. I'm not very good at coming up with ideas just out of the blue but if I see some else's idea or can brain storm with someone else, my thoughts can take off.
As I was making this plan to become organized I read another article off of that had to do with taking the work out of housework. In this article, Julie, the woman they interviewed for this article talks about changing your attitude by taking pride in your home and part of that is coming up with a Vision statement for your home. When I sat down to do just this, I knew I wanted my home to be a place of love, peace, faith and a sanctuary from the influences of the world. It went along with topic for our ward conference this last Sunday. The topic was "Receive the Holy Ghost." A quote given was from Elder Neil L. Andersen, "A Gift Worthy of Added Care," Ensign, Dec 2010, 30-35:
"In today's world we must provide quiet, reflective times for our children and teach them how to listen to the still, small voice. With all the blessings our modern age has given us, let us not give up the things that promote the workings of the Holy Ghost: time alone to pray, ponder, mediate, and read the scriptures, and time with family undisturbed by noise, distractions, and too many activities." After I read this quote, I asked my Heavenly Father, how do we accomplish this? I received my answer: D&C 88:118-119, Matt. 5:13-16, D&C 87:8. You must make your home a temple, a place where the holy ghost will dwell. Each one can make our homes a temple, a sanctuary, a light and only you know how to best do that. For me it was to organize my home. I want my home to be all these things. If we can daily receive the Holy Ghost we will know how to achieve such a thing.

If you would like to know, here's how I started making my home a temple:

1st) I divided the apt. into zones.
  • Zone 1-family room and downstairs bathroom.
  • Zone 2-Kitchen/dinning room
  • Zone 3-Master bedroom and stairwayBulleted List
  • Zone 4- Girls' bedroom and main bathroom
  • Zone 5- Front porch and back porch (this zone I only do this zone monthly)
2nd) I went through the zones and made lists for tasks that needed to be done:
  • Daily (Vacuuming, picking up clutter, doing dishes, making beds, etc.)
  • Weekly (dusting, mopping, toilette cleaning, laundry, take out garbage, etc.)
  • Monthly (clean stove and oven, clean fridge, clean vanity, wipe cupboards and walls, etc.)
3rd) I typed out sheets that had the daily, weekly and month tasks under each zone. making 3 sheets I could put into my household planner.

4th) I preceded to make a weekly calendar and monthly calendar so I would know which day I would work on weekly or monthly tasks for which zone.

It was kind of like this:
Daily: Zone 1-4
Weekly: Zone 1

Daily: Zone 1-4
Weekly: Zone 2

And then I would take one day of the week off( except for the daily tasks) and then a second day of the week to get monthly cleaning done. So every Saturday, I do my daily tasks and a zones monthly task list.
Daily: Zone 1-4
Monthly: zone 1

Anyone is welcome to try it or if you have any other ideas that might work better I would love to hear them. If anyone does try this please let me know how it goes for you. I just barely started this week so I don't know how it will go but I figure in about a months time I can move on to another section of my household planner.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

This can't be..............

was my thought when the pregnancy test read positive. ( I'm only sharing this on my blog because this is my journal and only close friends and family read this. Plus I'm trying to work through this and talking is the way I cope with things). This event happened Wednesday afternoon. I had been nauseated for a couple of days and realized while I was at Wal-mart on Tuesday that this feeling was familiar but couldn't put a finger on it and then it hit me...........last year at this time was the last time I had felt this way. My thought was, "No, no, it couldn't be." I then spent Tuesday night throwing up and Wednesday morning i decided after still feeling sick that I needed to take a pregnancy test. I have an IUD in and they said when I had it put in that if you became pregnant the chances of it being ectopic or having a miscarriage are very high.
So after reading the positive, I called Dan in complete panic. All of these crazy thoughts were going through my head. I wasn't ready to have another child, it's way too soon, how far along am I and a million and a half other questions. Like what about insurance, we are planning on moving in April and Dan won't have a job. After calming down Dan and I decided I would take another test the next day. After sleeping on the idea, I had completely switched my attitude and was excited but very scared about all the things that could go wrong like, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or any other complications that would come with carrying a baby and an IUD at the same time. But I knew I would love this child. I took another test it came back negative. It left my head spinning...........what in the world? Again, I had to readjust my thinking and had lots of questions. Was I going to miscarry, was the first one a false positive, or was this an ectopic pregnancy (I was told the pregnancy would be weird like that if it was). I was still nauseated and decided to just wait and see. Friday morning, I started to bleed. I'm not sure if it was just the IUD causing more bleeding(i've been bleeding on and off since I had gotten it placed, granted it had been about a month since I had had any bleeding). Most of the nausea is gone today. Either way, I had no idea how to feel about it. I was disappointed and at the same time relieved. I don't even know if I really was pregnant. How do I feel about it? Do I grieve? Do I just pretend like it never happened? It's confusing. Either way the Lord has blessed me with two beautiful girls and when it's time for the fifth member of our to arrive, it will be the right time.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

4 months

So Bella is 4 months!! She turned four months on Christmas Day. She gives the biggest smiles, lots of cooing (in fact she almost NEVER stops cooing), loves her thumbs and hands, will put anything with in arms reach into her mouth (I have to be alot more careful about what I have in front of me, grabby grabby girl :)would rather stand or sit rather than lie down and eats food like it's going out of style. 4 month stats:

Weight: 14 lbs. 8 oz. 90%
Height: 24.5 in 50%
Head: 39 cm 10%

I will admit I was surprised by the weight and height because she is still wearing 0-3 month clothing and can fit into some 3-6 mon. Plus 8 lbs. in 4 months?! This little girl loves her food. She loves to smile but getting her to giggle is super hard. She'll do it but just not very often it takes ALOT of effort :) She's a cutie, her hair is still growing! The only amount of hair she has lost is where a slight bald spot is..........but she had so much hair it's just thinned out in one spot. Here's some pictures of her:

What is this??

I'll give it a try.


Not so sure....

I want more, there's not very much left of this bib!

Outfit from grandma!

I really like those lights.

This is fun!

Don't let Hannah near me. (hannah kept trying to climb in with her, it was a bit terrifying for Bella)

First pigtails.