Friday, January 29, 2010

Recent pictures and one video

But he's just so cute mom..........why can't I touch him?

She is very fascinated by Ryan's binky and pretty much anything that's his. She is a good helper with bringing things that are his to me.

Big innocent eyes. And I love the pronounced beak that is from Daniel.

Waving hi.

We put stickers and colored on the inside.

It's amazing what a box can do!

If I place one finger on the laptop, is that really touching it? She's pretty clever when it comes to pushing boundaries. One time there was a school book that she wasn't suppose to touch that was on a pillow. She started slowly pulling the pillow towards her and then proceeded to slowly advance one finger toward the book while staring at Daniel the whole time to make sure he wasn't watching. Hannah, one finger DOES count as touching :)

One of the few pictures I can get her looking at the camera and she is unhappy.

Hannah dancing with Daddy. I think Daniel's dance is the best ;) pretty funny. There is music playing in the background, it's just very low. (P.S. excuse the mess!)

Monday, January 25, 2010

I LOVE dessert!

So, I found this absolutely wonderful site! If you love dessert like me and like to try something fancy every once in a while..........this is the website for you! Check it out even if you just like dreaming.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

First Prenatal appt. for baby #2

It finally is starting to seem real. It's hard when you can't feel the baby move, because then you're not really aware of the little're just sick all the time. It was such a joy and relief to see the heartbeat! With Hannah I wasn't concerned about it, but this time I was a little more anxious. And I was finally able to be told if I was a high risk pregnancy or not. The answer was a definite yes. They will be putting me on a regular dose of antibiotics, through out the whole pregnancy. First, I just need to get a bladder infection so they can do a culture and see what will work the best. Sadly, the safest antibiotic, Macrobid, will not be an option. They will be seeing me more often then regular, and a bonus, I will receive more ultrasounds. When I told the doctor of my previous pregnancy, the doctor was a little blown away and was very surprised that Hannah was carried to full term. For those who have not heard of my last pregnancy, here's kind of what happened:

First visit at 9 weeks I went in, everything looked great, only I had a bladder infection and was put on Macrobid to clear it. Everything was going fine until about 20 weeks, I started getting a very painful backache and had a hard time concentrating in school, not to mention sleeping. I didn't call the doctor right away because I had an appointment in just a few days. We went in at 21 weeks and found out it was a girl! And then when I mentioned the backache, the doctor ordered some blood work and found I was very sick, with a sever bladder infection. I was put on another round of Macrobid and was given an antibiotic shot that would start working right away.
I was doing great until about 25 weeks, when I started getting another back ache and called the doctor right away. The nurse didn't believe me, but when I insisted, she had me come in and give a urine turned out I was right. I was put on Macrobid for the third time. Three days later, (which was a Sunday) we called the doctor because I was in excruciating pain, which ibuprofen couldn't numb, had a high fever, chills, and was vomiting. I was omitted to the same day care unit and was given a round of antibiotics which I had to come back for for the next 7 days. It wasn't much fun because I had to keep the IV needle in my arm for the full week, which meant no showers and Dan had to wash my hair. This was all during finals week and I was stressed to the max. But I was able to graduate with my AS at the end of the week. I called the doctors office and insisted that they test me to be sure that it had cleared up, but the nurse said that it was to soon to tell.
At 28 weeks, Dan and I were visiting my family for a few days and I woke up one morning and I felt like something wasn't right. I was seeing dots and was very little headed. We went to the hospital and I was omitted. They found that I my white blood count was up and that I had an infection. While I was in the hospital my heart started have spasmisms (that's the best way I know how to describe it), and they couldn't figure out why. After watching me for several hours they decided to release me so I go travel home and see my own doctor. Luckily I had an appointment 2 days later. I went in but they didn't really do anything, and said I was probably fine. I just wasn't feeling right. So at 29 weeks I asked Dan if he would give me a priesthood blessing. In the blessing I was told that there was more I would have to go through with the pregnancy but that the Lord would be there to comfort me.
At 31 weeks, I was resting because I had slightly elevated blood pressure and was told to take it easy. Luckily I had finished with work and was able to rest. One day, I was feeling especially awful and was having sharp pain under my right rib. I had a fever and felt short of breath. I asked Dan to call the doctor for me, and they said to go straight to the hospital because it could be a blood clot in the lung. When we got there, they drew some blood and found out I had a high white blood count, again. They also found out I had a heart murmur, this was the first time it had been detected. The doctor saw on the baby monitor that I was having irritable contractions and decided to check me. I was 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced. The doctor had a shot of surfactant given to help mature the baby's lungs, some medicine to stop the contractions and an x-ray on my lung to check for a clot. I could feel the contractions coming more regularly and they were becoming stronger. The x-ray came back negative, so he guessed that it could be appendicitis. If it was appendicitis, then they would have to deliver the baby if she didn't come on her own. We had to be moved to a bigger hospital in Idaho Falls because the Rexburg NICU could only take care of babies that were at least 32 weeks along......we just barely missed the cut off. I was able take an ambulance ride down to I.F. They were certain she was going come. They had a birthing packet ready and they introduced us to the whole NICU staff. With the 24 hours that followed, they got the contractions stopped and the pain on my side went away. During my 3rd day at the hospital, I had another heart spasmism and they couldn't pick it up on the normal monitor, so I was given a heart ultra sounds. They couldn't see anything and knew the best way to find out what the problem was was to put me on a portable 24/7 special heart monitor, called The King of Hearts. I was then put on bed rest until 37 weeks and had to where the heart monitor for 3 weeks after that ( they were never able to find the problem.) I was not given any medication to take while I was at home to prevent preterm labor because of the heart thing. I guess the medicine could have added to the problem.
At about 36 weeks, I had another kidney infection that took only 24 hours to land me in the hospital again. They only kept me in long enough get me pumped full of fluids and antibiotics. And then luckily 3 weeks later I was finally able to deliver Hannah and have the whole experience over with! I think the best blessing through it all was that I was able to look back on the preisthood blessing and find comfort. I could feel our Savior's presence through everything. I was able to feel his love and comfort. And am so thankful for the gospel and the strength that it is to us during our trials. I love the Lord and feel so blessed that I get to experience a small amount of the love he has for us by being a parent myself.

It's so hard not to be a little frightened, I'm just glad that I have a doctor that is going to monitor me very closely and do everything in her power to get me to full term(and hopefully avoid anymore infections.) Anyways, this post has gone on long enough! We love you all and most definitely wouldn't mind if you kept us in your prayers.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January Update

Time most definitely seems to be speeding up! Dan started classes on the 11th and is enjoying them very much. Last semester was just intro. classes but now he's actually getting a little deeper with his new course load. He is doing well but it has been a long hard road working full time and going to school full time with a family........but the Lord has definitely shown us miracles concerning his education and we believe it is because we are trying our hardest to do the right thing by raising a family, even at such a young age.
Dan has filled out paper work and a backgound check, which have been submitted and just need to be processed and then he will start his first day as a manager at Movies 8!!!! Which will probably be with in the next 2 weeks. We are so excited because with the pay raise he can cut back on his hours and spend more time studying and with his family ( we miss him very much when he is gone, which is a lot of the time.)
This Thursday we are going in for our first prenatal appt. and are very's always exciting to get to see the heartbeat for the first time. This pregnancy has already been harder than the previous in terms of morning sickness. I don't mean to complain but there are days when it is hard to get out of bed, or at least that's how it was before I started my new job!! I am happy to say that I am now a nanny! It is so much fun and he such a good little boy and for some reason whenever I take care of him, I feel almost normal! James and Meagan, you have an adorable little boy, and it is a pleasure to take care of him. It has definitely been good practice for when I will have a second one of my own. The first day was probably the most challenging but even then it wasn't too bad!

This is a picture of Hannah and baby Ryan. She is always very curious about him.

She has almost all her teeth, I think all she needs is another 4 and her mouth should be full of them!

Hannah amazes us each and every day with her intelligence! She says new words everyday and gets into things that leave us wondering how she can be so smart at such a young age. She loves giving hugs to us everyday and is of course very much like all the other toddler's her age, curious!! We love her greatly and thankful for all the smiles and laughs she brings to us.

This Sunday we started primary and it did not go as we had expected. And we actually miss nursery!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Baby signing time

Recently, I checked out a "Baby Signing Time" video from the library. At first Hannah wasn't very interested and then one day she started LOVING it! Now, she'll carry her rocking chair so it's in front of the TV, turns on the TV and then makes the baby sign for "Baby Signing Time." This last week, she has learned 5-6 different signs! She can now sign: drink, thank-you, baby, ball, book, shoes, hat, prayer time, brush teeth and we're working on coat and socks ( and she can still sign more, please and phone.) It has become so helpful! More, shoes, and ball are pretty similiar for her but more is usually followed by please, and the ball usually has one hand in a fist and one open. What a sweet girl she is!