Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Catching up Part III

I know I've mentioned before that Hannah has been in physical therapy.  After a few months of no progress we were referred to an Orthopedic doctor.  We meant with him towards the end of June and it was decided Hannah would wear casts on her feet for 4 weeks.  They were able to put casts on that could get wet.  Great for showering and for swimming, not so great for walking in.  She had them on during the family reunion which made for some challenges because we did more walking than usual due to that fact.

She had the cast removed about a month ago.  She has been in a lot pain since, especially in her heel. She came into my room in the middle of the night because she couldn't sleep due to the pain. Her ankle is beginning to lose some movement and I've noticed she's on her toes more often. So we'll see what happens.

Self portrait :)

The blue things are shoes for her casts.  She had to wear them whenever she was up walking around.

Fresh new casta.

Catching up Part II

The week after the girls were out, Dan had a couple of days off of work.  We decided it was the perfect time to make a family trip to the beach.  The interesting part was there has been several shark attacks this summer just a few miles South of the Wrightsville Beach where we went swimming.  We saw a shark and a helicopter that kept flying by, apparently someone was attacked that same day about 20 miles South of us and they were trying to find the shark.

It was a perfect day for the beach.  It was overcast for a big part of the morning and then became sunny towards the middle of the day when the beach became crazy.  Luckily, we had come bright and early and were ready to leave by then. Here's some fun:

She loved eating the sand :)

He would cackle and cackle chasing those seagulls.

This little one loved playing in the waves!  I had to keep a close eye on her because she would run straight for them, laughing all the while.

Catching up Part I

It's been almost 3 months since my last post and A LOT has happened!  I'll try to play catch up with pictures from the last month.

Hannah and Bella finished school back in June.  Hannah and Bella had their end of year class activities on the same morning.  So Dan and I had to split up, Dan and Charlie went to Bella's preschool graduation, while Faith and I went to Hannah's end of year class party.  Here are a few pictures:

Bella's preschool graduation was in a church near her school.  She dressed up all fancy and they had the children sing a few songs and then had them dress in their cap and gowns and then walk across the stage for their "diplomas." They even had cake and ice cream after the ceremony.

Mrs. Toni and Hannah

Mrs. Toni and Mrs. Loesch (teachers aid) with Hannah.
For Hannah's Kindergarten graduation they had the kids sing a few songs, each child received an award, they had a slideshow with pictures of the class together and then refreshments.  It was a big day for every one!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Happenings the 1st part of May

I can't believe how fast April and May flew by.  Here is a little bit of what we had going on.

Neighborhood community garden.  We spend a whole Saturday planting, mulching, and weeding in the garden.  We set up our pop out shelter and pack-n-play to have a place for the kiddos. We still only have 6 boxes but are hoping to get several more for next year.

We've started playing 'Go Fish' with the girls on Sunday nights.  Yes those are the cards from the liquor store in Rexburg :).  Free is free, right?

Dan has been running a race about once a month.  This month was the Ninja 5K.. You have have to go through several different obstacles and people will jump our randomly and through balls at you and such.  The race actually takes place here in Fuquay Varina and was only about 10 min from our home!

Before the race,

 The girls pretending to be ninjas while waiting for Dan to finish the race,

Dan's the 3rd guy in the back who's behind the guy in the red shirt.

The last obstacle!

After he finished.

We've had an amazing harvest of strawberries this year!  I've made jam, fruit leather, dehydrated strawberries and have frozen several and we still are picking several everyday.

Mother's Day with these 4 cuties.

Fruit Leather

My new food dehydrator I got for Mother's Day!

We've started harvesting kale from the neighborhood garden.

We decided to try making kale chips for the first time....

Hannah had some more of her chosen for an art exhibit!

Last Saturday was Bella's last Soccer game!

She had awesome coaches this season!

We've been super busy during the week with appointments, piano lessons, homework, school events and day to day with 4 little people. Weekends are full of races, soccer, occasional physical therapy sessions, soccer, gardening and yard work on Saturdays.  Sunday's Dan has ward council, I have ward choir before church and then we spend 3 hours of church will lots of little monkeys :).
  I had a rough month with some hormonal stuff which seems to finally be ironing it's self out and I feel less overwhelmed with life.  I dropped several piano students and just really simplified our schedule.  It has really helped.
Dan also changed roles at work this month and has had to work extra hours as he has taken over the role of managing his team.  So not only did he become an AVP (assistant vice president, which sounds so fancy :) but he has a management role to go with it now.  It will make for several months of hard work and adjustment but will work well for going back to school to pursue his MBA.
Hannah has been in physical therapy for a couple of months now and will being going to see a specialist in June.  She will most likely be getting casts, botox and then special boots for her feet. I do not believe surgery will be in the card but it's not out of the realm of possibilities.
Bella has been having lots of ear pain and will being seeing the ENT again in a few weeks and will probably be getting her tonsils removed.
Charlie has been potty training! He does great during the day but hasn't been able to stay dry at night yet,but we're getting there.  It was hilarious because we were at the physical therapist this week and when I went to take him potty, he totally shot pee on my purse like 4 ft away!!
Faith has been SO busy!  We've had to baby proof as she has been discovering new things.  She loves getting into the kitchen cabinets! She will make messes as fast as I can clean them.
We are very busy and will see how the summer goes in 2 weeks when school is out!  We have a family reunion coming up, Bella will be in the Early Start Kindergarten program in July and the girls will take some art classes and gymnastics.