Friday, August 24, 2012

A Name and a Blessing

Dan blessed our little man on August 5th.  One week exactly from the day he was born.  The down side to blessing the baby right away is how it's just not in you to make it as special of a day as I wish I could have. But it was still a special day and I cried during the blessing.  And then when Dan came to sit back down we cried with joy together.  Some things I remember from the blessing were:
  • That he would be blessed with safety from physical harm (for some reason this really touched me and is what sent me into tears the most, because what mother doesn't like to know that her child will be kept safe)
  • He was blessed that he would be physically strong
  • He was blessed that he would bring the spirit to all who he came in contact with
  • He would serve a mission
  • He would be blessed to be sealed to a special spirit in the temple
Shalyse was so kind as to let us borrow their blessing outfit.  I was sad I didn't think to get pictures of him in it but I wish in general we had gotten more pictures of the day to remember it by. The one up top is the only picture that we got.

Both of our moms, Ben and Shalyse, Vaughn and Becca, and Kori Romig were there for the blessing. Two friends that we were going to ask to be in the circle we gone that day. We also had a friend in the ward who was so kind as to write down what she heard so I had two notes to compare! 

We had a luncheon after church at our house and enjoyed the company of family for the day.  Becca and Shalyse were so wonderful with helping with everything. They helped to keep the day from being overwhelming!  And I thank them for that!

It was a beautiful blessing!

P.S. We decided to nickname him Charlie.  We'll see if sticks!