Monday, March 14, 2011


Today we realized Dan has 3 weeks of school left! With the end in sight I started to think about how blessed we have been! We are GRADUATING!!! And with two kids.......whoa how did that happen? :)
So first off, I just want to say thank you to all of our friends and family. I don't know how we would have made this far with two kids without all of you. When we prayed and felt like it was time to start our family, it made no sense financially. Especially financially. But we had faith and started our family. We struggled, scraped and put all of our extra money towards preparing for our first baby. Thanks to family members and friends we were able to borrow and were given baby clothes. Once our child grew out of those clothes we knew we would have to buy more clothes, so the praying started. Where was the money going to come from? And with in that week, my wonderful sister-in-law calls out of the blue and asks what clothes we need for Hannah. I was amazed! And that sister-in-law has been so wonderful to fulfill our need for clothes just when we were wondering what we were going to do about clothes for our girls! And that is just one example of all the wonderful things that have happened.

I was just thinking about all the wonderful blessing and help we have received from so many of you! I am so thankful for all of you and all that you have done for us. As this part of our lives end and we start a new phase we will always remember all that you have done for us. I just wanted to say thank you!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

My day off from house cleaning

So today instead of cleaning my house I decided to work on these babies..............

So you might be wondering what they are or you might already know, if not here's some pictures of what they are used for:

Hannah can wear them too! These cuties are leg warmers!

Hannah showing off her boots and leg warmers.

With Bella getting up on her knees more and more lately I've been noticing that her knees turn red and heck, they are sooo cute! So I decided to buy some socks and make leg warmers. If you feel so inclined to try it yourself here's how you do it:

And they only take about 15-20 min. to make!

Whoooo Whoooo likes preschool?

Last week for preschool the theme was "All About Birds."

Book: Whose Chick Are You by Nancy Tufuri

The Owl Song by The Wiggles
The Five Ducks
Old MacDonald with just birds
Two Black bird
Nursery CD Song
Wiggle song

Nursery Lesson: Noah and the Ark. And sang the verse about Noah from "Follow The Prophet"

Games: Dice that had different birds and we went over the noise that each bird would say, parachute with a sheet (We would lift as we counted and then on the count of three we would fun under the sheet and sit down), duck duck goose, London Bridge

Egg dying. We made egg dye and had the toddlers dip boiled eggs. ( we also ate them for lunch)
We made and owl from a empty toilet paper roll and paper cut outs.
Nest with items gathered from outside like leaves, twigs, pine cones, etc.
Bird head made with feathers and a Styrofoam ball.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

6 months

Bella's six month (more like 6 1/2) stats are in! Here they are:

Weight: 16 lbs 13 oz (55 %)
Height: 26 in (50 %)
Head : 42.5 cm (20%)

Bella is getting so big!!
  • She still wears 0-3 month and some 3-6 month.
  • She can sit up without support for a few min.
  • She rolls ALL over the the place, which is interesting because Hannah never was a big roller!! She has barely started to show interest in crawling. She's gotten up on all four a few times and continues to try. Once she gets up on all fours she will rock. If I had to guess she will probably start crawling right around the time we move. Of course what great timing :)
  • She does lots of squeals and shrieks!
  • And I'm sure I've mentioned before but this little girl LOVES LOVES her food! She will eat anywhere from 2-3 meals of solids everyday and will eat LOTS when she does, I'm talking close to 1/2 a cup of cereal and a veggie or fruit. She has also learned to pick up and eat cheerios. She hasn't gotten the pincer grasp down yet but just barely learned to actually open her fist to get the cheerio.
  • She wakes up about 2-3 times a night.

A think there might be a family resemblance.

Happy face!

She loves eating her toes......

and fingers!

In a 3-6 mon size sleeper!! Her feet are about where the third pink line is.

Sleeping so peacefully. She sleeps with her arms up or she has to have something to hold.

Watching Hannah color. You can see she's really close to getting up on her knees as well!

My two pretty girls!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yay for vegetables!

Last week for preschool the theme was "I Can Eat Healthy Vegetables."

Book: Growing Vegetable Soup by Lois Ehlert

Vegetables are good for me (Old MacDonald had a farm)
Peter Piper rhyme
Carrot Poem
Five Fruits and Vegetable a Day by Geof Johnson

Nursery Lesson: Word of Wisdom, the story of Daniel when he says no to the King Nebuchadnezzar's food and will eat only plain food (Daniel 1) We had races and took turns being the one who had eaten 'bad' food, who had to go slower than the other ;)

Games: Shapes, hot potato, potato races, Vegetable bingo, a vegetable scavenger hunt and color dice game ( toddler rolls a dice that has colors on it and then as to find the color that is rolled)

Potato stamps (Stamps made from cutting shapes on the halves of a potato and then dipped into paint)
Vegetable rainbow (used pictures of vegetables to make a rainbow)
Vegetable soup (Recipe from back of the book) The toddlers 'helped' to cut the vegetables and then toss them into the pot.

Potato race with potato in between legs.

We also had then try to help each other by having carry the potato with their forehead (They dropped it about every 3 steps :)

Playing hot potato. We would have the person who ended up with the hot potato switch spots with the person of choice.

Working on our shapes.

During the scavenger hunt.

The toddlers getting ready to help cut up the vegetables.

Tossing the vegetables in! They did a great job helping and taking turns.

Our finished product that we had with fresh bread! Yum yum!!